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Question 4: Which version of Spark is used in CCA175 certification?

Answer: Let me first tell you that Cloudera is not only testing your Spark programming skill, they are testing that you are able to work with currently available CDH (Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop) version. Which is bundled with many eco-system of BigData Hadoop, Spark is one of them, and they wanted to test many of the available components for the developer. Even you see most of the organization use Spark well integrated with the Hadoop distribution either HDP, CDH or MapR Hadoop. Hence, whatever Spark version is available in that particular CDH version, will be tested. Hence, currently you should be able to write code using Spark 1.6 programming API. That is why it is very important that you practice questions based on specific version of Spark and the best approach to follow these 111 questions of CCA175, which has detailed problem statement as well as its step by step solution, which has been executed on that specific Spark platform. Not only you should get acquainted with the Spark 1.6 programming model, but also you should become comfortable working with the CDH platform, how to use path for file stored in HDFS , how to use JDBC connection, specially connection MySQL database using Spark 1.6 only (Don’t use older or newer version, be specific here).  


So now the question is how to prepare for such a scenario so you would be very comfortable for giving your real exam. For that you can use regularly updated certification preparation material and trainings. 

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