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Question 6: Cloudera introduce another exam for Data Analyst CCA159, does it make any difference with the existing CCA175 exam?

Answer: Cloudera Hadoop Distribution are used by many different profile of professional, like if you are a data analyst then you should not be writing complex programming in Spark, but rather prefer SQL based solution. If you are a developer than you will be using programming to work with data. Even for the people/learners who are more comfortable with the advance feature of Cloudera Hadoop Distribution most of the Big Data architect and experienced developer use CCP:DE575 exam (this is Cloudera Certified Professional exam). So the main impact of introducing Data Analyst exam is that many type of questions, will be moved out of CCA175 exam like DDL (Data Definition Question) defining tables etc. . However, we suggest being a developer you should be able to do this. More complex DML syntax are not expected from you in CCA175 exam, like write very complex Hive and Impala queries, this is expected in CCA159 exam instead. You should be able to use Hive meta-store from Spark, Sqoop etc. and able to write some queries using Spark SQL (But very complex queries, specially analytical functions based queries are not expected). You should be able to filter, format, join the data in CCA175 exam. So the best way to be specific preparation use this 111 questions for practicing your real exam. Average scoring by learners is 9/10 after practicing this CCA175, total 111 questions, which come along with the required data as well as solution and also complimentary videos are available in which solution and problem are explained in detail. Whenever syllabus changed, feedback from previous learners are very helpful and we at http://www.HadoopExam.com integrate that feedback as soon as possible after receiving it from the learners. We have launched this CCA175 certification material with just 50 practice questions and now we have in total 111 questions, which are updated and corrected based on feedback of successful candidates.

So now the question is how to prepare for such a scenario so you would be very comfortable for giving your real exam. For that you can use regularly updated certification preparation material and trainings. 

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