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Question 1 : While practicing on HadoopExam As a learner you have launched an EC2 Windows instance from an instance store backed AMI. 1886
Question 2 : Amazon EBS ________ send metric data for an available volume that is not attached to an Amazon EC2 instance, because there is no metric activity to be monitored for that volume. 2049
Question 3 : Ramesh has created a VPC with public and private subnets using the VPC Wizard. The VPC has CIDR The private subnet uses CIDR Which of the below mentioned entries are required in the main route table to allow the inst 2005
Question 4 : A sysadmin has created the below mentioned policy on an S3 bucket named hadoopexam. The bucket has both AWS.jpg and index.html objects. 2846
Question 5 : A user has launched an EC2 instance and deployed a production application in it. The user wants to prohibit any mistakes from the production team to avoid accidental termination. How can the user achieve this? 2127
Question 6 : When an instance terminates, the data on any instance store volumes associated with that instance is _________ 1696
Question : 7 HadoopExam Sysadmin has created a launch configuration for Auto Scaling where CloudWatch detailed monitoring is disabled. Now sysadmin wants to now enable detailed monitoring. How can the user achieve this? 1542
Question : 8 It __________ that you read or write to all the blocks on your volume before you use it 1357
Question 9 : A user is trying to pre-warm a blank EBS volume attached to a Linux instance. Which of the below mentioned steps should be performed by the user? 2952
Question 10 : A user has launched an EC2 instance from an instance store backed AMI. The user has attached an additional instance store volume to the instance. The user wants to create an AMI from the running instance. Will the AMI have the additional ins 1892
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