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EMCISA Question 1: An organization performs copy on first access (CoFA) replication to create a local replica of application data. To perform a successful restore, what should be considered? 1753
EMCISA Question 2 What is a function of unified management software in cloud computing? 1734
EMCISA Question 3 : Which iSCSI name requires an organization to own a registered domain name? 2015
EMCISA Question : 4 Which data center requirement refers to applying mechanisms that ensure data is stored and retrieved as it was received? 1341
EMCISA Question 5 : What defines the time taken to position the read/write head across the platter with a radial movement in a disk drive? 2336
EMCISA Question 6 : What is a benefit of cloud computing over traditional computing? 2239
EMCISA Question 7 : Which statement describes a denial of service attack? 1612
EMCISA Question 8 : What is an accurate statement about the Data Center Bridging Exchange protocol? 1379
EMCISA Question 9 : What is a key security consideration when a NAS device enables sharing of the same data among UNIX and Microsoft Windows users? 1399
EMCISA Question 10 : Which cloud computing characteristic enables consumers to grow and shrink the demand for resources dynamically? 1505
EMCISA Question 11 : Which operation is performed while creating a VM snapshot? 1523
EMCISA Question 12 : Which cloud computing capability enables monitoring and reporting resource usage? 1531
EMCISA Question 13 : In the context of protecting the FC SAN infrastructure, what is an example of infrastructure integrity? 1344
EMCISA Question : 14 What is true about parity-based RAID? 1991
EMCISA Question : 15 What is an accurate statement about a gateway NAS solution? 1414
EMCISA Question 16 : What is prevented using RAID technology? 3439
EMCISA Question 17 : Which process minimizes the exposure to a loss of uncommitted cached data when there is a power failure? 1815
EMCISA Question 18 : Which cloud computing characteristic enables consumers to request resources using a service catalog through a web-based user interface? 1364
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