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Question 6 : What is a benefit of cloud computing over traditional computing?

A. Reduces the time to provision and deploy new applications

B. Eliminates consumer's IT operational expenditure

C. Enables the use of proprietary APIs to access IT resources

D. Lowers migration cost and prevents vendor lock-in

Answer: A

ExplanationBenefits of Cloud Computing Cloud computing offers the following key benefits:

• Reduced IT cost: Cloud services can be purchased based on pay-per-use or subscription pricing. This reduces or eliminates consumer's IT capital expenditure (CAPEX).

• Business agility: Cloud computing provides the capability to allocate and scale computing capacity quickly. Cloud can reduce the time required to provision and deploy new applications and services from months to minutes . This enables businesses to respond more quickly to market changes and reduce time-to-market.

• Flexible scaling: Cloud computing enables consumers to scale up, scale down, scale out, or scale in the demand for computing resources easily. Consumers can unilaterally and automatically scale computing resources without any interaction with cloud service providers. The flexible service provisioning capability of cloud often provides a sense of unlimited scalability to the cloud service consumers.

• High availability: Cloud computing has the ability to ensure resource availability at varying levels depending on the consumer’s policy and priority. Redundant infrastructure components (servers, network paths, and storage equipment, along with clustered software) enable fault tolerance for cloud deployments. These techniques can encompass multiple data centers located in different geographic regions, which prevents data unavailability due to regional failures.

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