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Question 11 : Which operation is performed while creating a VM snapshot?

A. Create a delta file to record changes to the virtual disk since the session is activated

B. Capture the configuration data of a VM to create an identical copy of the VM

C. Create a journal volume to update changes to the snapshot

D. Create a “Gold” copy of the snapshot before copying changes to the virtual disk

Answer: A Explanation: VM Snapshot

VM Snapshot captures the state and data of a running virtual machine at a specific point in time. The VM state includes VM files, such as BIOS, network configuration, and its power state (powered-on, powered-off, or suspended). The VM data includes all the files that make up the VM, including virtual disks and memory. A VM Snapshot uses a separate delta file to record all the changes to the virtual disk since the snapshot session is activated. Snapshots are useful when a VM needs to be reverted to the previous state in the event of logical corruptions.

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