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QUESTION 13 : In the context of protecting the FC SAN infrastructure, what is an example of infrastructure integrity?

A. Preventing node login to the fabric without proper authorization

B. Implementing iSNS discovery domains

C. Implementing an FSPF algorithm to create a virtual SAN

D. Not permitting physical segmentation of nodes

Answer: A

ExplanationSecurity controls for protecting the storage infrastructure address the threats of unauthorized tampering of data in transit that leads to a loss of data integrity, denial of service that compromises availability, and network snooping that may result in loss of confidentiality. The security controls for protecting the network fall into two general categories: network infrastructure integrity and storage network encryption. Controls for ensuring the infrastructure integrity include a fabric switch function that ensures fabric integrity. This is achieved by preventing a host from being added to the SAN fabric without proper authorization.

Storage network encryption methods include the use of IPSec for protecting IP-based storage networks, and FC-SP for  rotecting FC networks.

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