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Question 14: package com.hadoopexam;

Question 14: package com.hadoopexam;

class Parent {}

class FirstChild extends Parent {}

class SecondChild extends Parent {}

class Welcome {

public static void main(String[] args) {

Parent[] array = new FirstChild[3]; //n1

array[0] = new FirstChild(); //n2

array[2] = new SecondChild(); //n3

System.out.println(array.length); //n4



1. It will throws an ArrayStoreException, when program is run. 

2. It will throw compile time exception at line n1 and n2 both. 

3. It will throw compile time exception at line n3. 

4. It will run successfully and print 3 

5. It will run successfully and print 2 

Correct Answer : 1 Exp : Creating an array with child class and assigning type of array with parent is fine. Hoiwever, we have created an array of FirstChild, which has parent child relation only with the Parent class. SecondChild has no relation with FirstChild. Hence, if you are try to add an SecondChild object to FirstChild it will throw Runtime exception named as ArrayStoreException.

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