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Note : For Simulator FAQ click Here

1. Is this Hadoop Training Material Access is limited ?
Ans : Lifetime Access, once you buy the paid Subscriptions of Hadoop Training, it will have unlimited access.

2.  If you Introduce New Trainings like Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase Training etc then what is the process.
Ans : Any new training has to be purchased separately. and will be accessible for mentioned duration on training home page. However, new module added in the same training subscribed by you will be availble without additional charge.

3.  When i subscribed training, i see some of the modules are in progress, will that be available to me as well in future.
Ans : Any new module as part of the same training will be available to you as soon as they are launched.  In the same training new module addition will be free. 

4. Why these training is so cost effective or cheaper ?
Ans: Because it require very little infrastructure to deliver, just a Single Computer/laptop/tablet with internet connection is enough to access these trainings.

5. Can I access these trainings 24/7 ?
Ans : Yes, we want our learner should get the material as on when they wanted. So you can access it 24/7. It requires internet connection only.

6. How can I buy it ?
Ans : If you are Indian Customer, you can transfer the money online/bank deposit in the mentioned ICICI bank account. And, if you are outside India and do not have bank India bank account, you can use PayPal to pay the money. Just click on Buy Now Button @ training Home Page.

7. Does your paid subscription include any soft copy material ?
Ans: Yes, all the soft copy materials is mentioned in the training itself. Which you can download while wathcing the training.

8. Why people are preferring these trainings ?
Ans : Below are the most reason
1. 24/7 Course Access
2. As interactive as Classroom training
3. Very Cost effective
4. No PPT's at all, advanced way of teaching
5. In depth explanation of each topic
6. Hands on Session in Amazon EC2 cloud.

9. What if I have any issue while watching the training ?
Ans : You, can send an email to admin@hadoopexam.com or hadoopexam@gmail.com

10. Where do you post the solutions of the problem.
Ans : Below is the link where we create Problem and Solutions video for the learners (These are public access to anybody)

11. How can I believe these is considered best trainings ?
Ans : We suggest you watch first two modules of  trainings which is freely available, and then we are sure you will buy it. Within 3 month of the launch we had 760+ learners internationally, and on average its growing 500+ learners each month as of Jul-13

12. What is the fee refund policy for Training Videos ?
Ans : To evalute the Hadoop Training Material, HadoopExam Learning Resources has already provided first two modules free of cost. If you are setisfied with that, then only pay the money. Once the paid subscription is activated money can not be refunded.

13. How do you make sure, your recorded training are best quality.
Ans : We record each training at least 3 times at first and then based on the learners feedback, if it has something missing we re-record the session.

14. How can I get all the recorded training in sequence ?
Ans : There are multiple option for this

1. Keep visiting www.HadoopExam.coom
2. Download the latest training Links pdf from www.HadoopExam.com (http://hadoopexam.com/BigData_Hadoop_Training_Links.pdf)

15. If I have any further queries then ?
Ans : Contact us at below email id or phone numbers
Email : admin@hadoopexam.com 
Phone : 022-42669636
Mobile : +91-8879712614

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We have training subscriber from TCS, IBM, INFOSYS, ACCENTURE, APPLE, HEWITT, Oracle , NetApp , Capgemini etc.


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Phone : 022-42669636
Mobile : +91-8879712614
Hadoop Learning Resource
B-902 Shah Trade Center
Mumbai 400097


Yeah the material is helpful to test our knowledge. I passed the exam.
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--Sudha Udatha, USA

"I wish I had bought your exam prep during my first attempt. More than anything else your tests made me feel confident to crack the CCD-410 exam. It would not have been possible without you. My best wishes to your team"
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