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In the world of Salesforce this is a very basic certification for developer. In which various questions are asked based on designing the application, understanding the platform, various questions on datamodel e.g. data access, then questions are based on user inteface design , how to implement business logic, managing the data and reporting. So here you will find the questions on each topic based on real exam. You have to go through each question. Read why salesforce certification is imporatant.
  • It proves your salesforce knowledge .
  • By knowing each feature of the salesforce platform, you can design solution perfectly. (No doubt about this : you should either have 10 yrs exp or good knowledge of all the features of salesforce, which you can easily get expertise by doing certification : ask who are already certified)
  • Senior manager always prefer certified professional
  • Salesforce Certified professional is always preferred by the organization, because it proves you have dedicated learning on Salesforce.
  • There are many more advantages , it is not possible to list all. And many are situational.

                                        405 Questions and Answers  +   60 Pages Study cum Revision Notes
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Some of the important and difficult topics mentioned below are covered in the Practice Questions .

  • Application Design 5%
  • List and describe components of an application
  • Describe the model-view-controller design paradigm
  • Given a scenario, determine whether sufficient information is available to plan/build/design an application
  • Overview of Platform 5%
  • List and describe the steps required to design and deploy a successful application built using the
  • declarative capabilities of the platform
  • List and describe the building blocks of an application provided by the platform
  • Data Model 32%
  • Describe how to create a functional data model for a business application
  • Given a scenario, select the features required to create a functional data model for a business application
  • Describe the properties and implications of choosing one object relationship type over another and distinguish among relationship types
  • Given a scenario, distinguish among object relationship types, describe how to create relationships, and determine which relationship should be recommended
  • List and describe the features used to set permission and data access in a custom app
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate feature (e.g., profiles, defaults, roles) to provide appropriate permissions and data access in a custom app
  • List and describe optional (Salesforce-enabled) features for managing the application (e.g., create audit fields, encrypted fields, multicurrency)
  • User Interface 15%
  • List and describe the components of any application user interface (e.g., tabs,applications, detail pages, list views)
  • Given a scenario, determine the capabilities and constraints of the declarative framework for building a user interface (e.g., what can and can’t be done in a page layout)
  • Describe use cases for how pages can extend the user interface in the declarative framework and when to do so
  • Describe the capabilities and functionality of sites
  • Business Logic 23%
  • List and describe how to create formulas, validation rules, and workflow rules
  • Given a scenario, determine which feature to use to solve a business requirement and/or describe how to apply the solution
  • List and describe the capabilities of the approval processes
  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate features of approval processes to satisfy business requirements
  • List and describe the features of the platform for debugging and monitoring automated business processes
  • Describe use cases for extending business logic through code
  • Data Management 10%
  • List and describe the capabilities and constraints of import wizards
  • List and describe the capabilities and constraints of API-based tools for managing data
  • List and describe the functions of the Data Loader
  • Describe use cases and functions of external IDs and upsert
  • Given a scenario, determine appropriate uses of the GUI and command-line interface for the data loader
  • Describe the characteristics of record IDs
  • Reporting 10%
  • List and describe capabilities and constraints of reporting on the platform
  • Given a scenario, determine methods for analyzing and displaying data

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