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Question 9: Why Cloudera mentioned Python and Scala both in their syllabus?

Answer: This is one of the mostly asked question about CCA175 exam, and please see below response

  • You do not need to know both PySpark and Scala, expertise in any one of them is fine.
  • You don’t have to write same program in both Scala and PySpark. You need to write answer in any one of the programming language of your choice.
  • Cloudera will not provide template for same question in both Scala and PySpark, they will provide in any one of these programming language.
  • If template is provided in PySpark and you want to answer question using Scala, then you have to write entire program from scratch to get the same solution and desired output.
  • Please note that the in CCA175 exam Cloudera want to test your Spark knowledge, not your Scala and Python programming skill. The programming questions will provide you some code and ask you to fill in some empty sections. Hence, you need to well verse with the Spark API. And must have some knowledge of development, as you will need to be able to read the existing code and understand how to store and retrieve the results you get back from calling the API, but the focus will be on you adding the Spark calls. And these 111 questions are good enough to get acquainted with the real CCA175 exam.
  • You will not be provided internet access during the exam, but documentation will be provided.

So now the question is how to prepare for such a scenario so you would be very comfortable for giving your real exam. For that you can use regularly updated certification preparation material and trainings. 

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