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  • 140 Questions  and Answers for real exam.
Android Certified Application Developer is  is very popular for the examining the candidates in Android Development.  This is the only popular exam for multiple choice questions and answers in Android world  and relatively easier to crack and prove your skills if you practice each question and understand underline concepts . Certification exam in short covers the Android Framework and Android Studio, SDK Tools and Activity Class, Fragments, Views, and List View, Intents and Intent filters, Android Layouts and Custom Views, Resources, Themes, and Material Design, Dialogs, Menus, and WebView, SQLite and Content Providers Storage and Background Processing and Notifications.  HadoopExam Learning Resources brings to you 140 practice questions to prepare for real exam.  It includs  explanation to required questions and relevant statment for the same, so you can prepare very well. This exam is conducted by androidatc.  To clear the exam in lesser time , please practice all the 140 questions and appear in real exam.  So only thing you have to do it  Practice... Practice ... Practice ....

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Simulator Benefits Exam Syllabus
  • 2 Full length mock exams (140 Questions)
  • Objective based Practice Tests
  • Exhaustive explanation with all required question
  • 100% Syllabus covered: All exam objectives
  • Gain confidence and reduce study time
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  • 140 highly realistic Android Certification exam questions.
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  • Simulated Android Developer exam environment
  • Retake all exams as many times as you like (Lifetime on single and Same machine)
  • Based on the most current Android Developer Certification Guide
  • Lifetime update is free (No additional charge)
Lesson 1: Android Framework and Android Studio
Introduction | Android Software Layers | Android Libraries
Components of an Android Application  | Application Life-cycle
Pre-requisites for Android Application Development | Android Studio Gradle  

Lesson 2: Android SDK Tools and Activity Class
Android Project Structure | The Android Manifest File
Structure of the Manifest File | Android SDK Tools      
Activity    | Methods to Remember  

Lesson 3: Fragments, Views, and List View
Introduction | Fragments
Views     | List Views and List Activity   | Methods to remember   

Lesson 4: Intents and Intent filters
Introduction | Intents   | Native Android Actions   
Data Transfer  | Intent to Call Activities   
Register an IntentFilter  | Methods to remember  

Lesson 5: Android Layouts and Custom Views
Introduction | Views | Layouts  | Customized Views   
Modify Existing Views  

Lesson 6: Android Resources, Themes, and Material Design
Introduction | Android Resources  | Android Themes and Styles
Android Material Design  | Methods to remember

Lesson 7: Android UI – Dialogs, Menus, and WebView
Introduction | User Interaction through Messages  
Dialogs   | Activities with Dialog Theme     
Toasts   | Menus      | Context Menus     | Additional Menu Item Options
Popup Menus  | Web View  | Methods to Remember  

Lesson 8: Android Storage and Background Processing
Android Storage Options  | File I/O  | Shared Preferences  
Connecting to the internet | Background Processing

Lesson 9: Android Storage: SQLite and Content Providers
Introduction | Databases in Android  | Content Providers  
Native Android Content Providers   | Custom Content Provider
Sync Adapters    | Methods to Remember

Lesson 10: Android Notifications
Introduction  | Creating a notification  | Notification actions  
Expandable Notifications | Notifications Layouts | Notification Priority
Notifications in Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

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