Question 5: You are working in an Investment Bank, and they have subscribed data feeds from Bloomberg, which delivers data in various different format e.g. CSV file, direct database access either RDBMS or NOSQL (Cassandra) and daily incremental data. Which of the following you can use in Cassandra to load data or migrate data from one Cassandra cluster to another.

  1. CQL INSERT command
  2. CQL COPY command
  3. Loading CSV file directly.
  4. sstableloader


  1. A, B, C
  2. B, C, D
  3. A, C, D
  4. A, B, C, D

Correct Answer: 4

Explanation: Data is inserted using the CQL INSERT command, the CQL COPY command and CSV files, or sstableloader. But in reality, you need to consider how your client application will query the tables, and do data modeling first. The paradigm shift between relational and NoSQL means that a straight move of data from an RDBMS database to Cassandra will be doomed to failure.