Question-5: What a data scientists can do with the clickstream data?

  1. It can be used to discover the usage patterns.
  2. It helps in finding the relationships
  3. It uncovers the relationships among clicks and areas of interest on a group of websites.
  4. A,B
  5. B,C
  6. A,B,C

Answer: F

Exp: First of all you need to understand what a clickstream data is. Clickstream data are groups of clicks in sequence made by a website visitor. For example you searched for Hadoop Learning Training on Google and google re-direct you to one of the free trainings on the which shows videos published by and you click the link of the HadoopExam training channel on the YouTube and then it will show you channel page and from there you click home page. On the Home Page you will be clicking on the Hadoop Professional Training.

So there are almost 4 links/clicks involved Google Search result, YouTube Channel, HadoopExam home page and then finally training page. Which can help you to reach the final destination. So a data scientist can use these clickstream to find the search/usage patterns and then find the relationship between YouTube videos and the website user interested in so accordingly they can target the customer or user.