Question-7: Which of the following question statement falls under data science category?

  1. What happened in last six months?
  2. How many products have been sold in a last month?
  3. Where is a problem for sales?
  4. Which is the optimal scenario for selling this product?
  5. What happens, if these scenario continues?

Answer : D,E

Exp: This question wants to check your understanding about BI and Data Science. BI was already existing and analytics team already using it. They need to improve and learn data science technique to solve some problems. If you check the option given in the question, it will confuse you. But if you have worked in BI or as a Data Scientist then it is easy to answer. First 3 option can be easily answered using reporting solution, what sales happened in last six month, what was the problem etc.

But for the last two option you need to apply data science techniques like which all scenarios are optimal for product sales, you need to collect the data and applying various techniques for that. Hence, last two option can only be answered using Data Science technique. And for this you need to apply techniques like Optimization, predictive modeling, statistical analysis on structured and un-structured data.