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Question 1 : A customer has a critical, performance-sensitive web application that connects to a multinode Oracle RAC database. Which feature of WebLogic can provide significant performance benefit? 1397
Question 2 : Which WebLogic optimization allows one non-XA resource to participate in a distributed transaction? 1506
Question 3 : A customer has a Stock Watch application that publishes stock recommendations to different customers and programs. The stock recommendation message should be processed by only one of the JMS Servers in the cluster. Which JMS model should be u 1296
Question 4 : A customer has a critical, performance-sensitive web application that connects to a multimode Oracle RAC database. Which feature of WebLogic can provide signification benefit? 1246
Question 5 : You have a durable subscriber, and the subscriber is down or not reachable when the message is produced. Which two options regarding the expiry of these messages are true? 1388
Question 6 : Identify the two options that can be used to patch WebLogic Server without Incurring application downtime. 1372
Question 7 : WebLogic 12c, the Maven plug-in has been enhanced with which Maven goal? 1359
Question 8 : Which three scenarios are true about Domains? 1380
Question 9 : Which feature is enabled when you start a WebLogic server with the –DserverType=wlx option? 1387
Question 10 : An application is using WebLogic JMS Store and Forward to forward messages from a local JMS queue a remote WebLogic JMS destination. You need to determine if the messages are being sent from the local Weblogic Server. Where do you find infor 1664
Question 11 : You want to use WLST to view metrics for a running domain. Which command should you issue to navigate through the Mbean hierarchy containing the metrics? 1350
Question 12 : What does the Fast Connection Failover feature of Active GridLink for RAC provide? 1503
Question 13 : You completed the development of a new application and want to create a new domain in a new environment for functional testing. You want to have the same settings for your new domain as your old domain, with the option of changing the config 1262
Question 14 : You have a domain that was created and configured with WebLogic 10.3.5. You want to upgrade the domain to use WebLogic 12c. Which Oracle tool must you use to upgrade your domain? A. Oracle WebLogic Domain Upgrade tool B. Smart Update C. Smar 1513
Question 15 : What is the name of the WebLogic specific deployment descriptor of Java Enterprise Application? 1385
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