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HBase Professional Training

 - HBase NoSQL Training with Hands On Practical (Module 10,11,12,13 and 14) - Life time Access and 24X7 Available - Never Expires and Updates are Free for Lifetime

Training Key Features

  • 24/7 Course Access for lifetime
  • As interactive as Classroom training
  • Very Cost effective
  • No PPT's at all, advanced way of teaching
  • In depth explaination of each topic 
  • Contains Hands on session
  •  Any New module will be without additional charge(In this training list only)
  • No travel and Hassel
  • Learn as per your comfort 
  • Real Cluster Hands On
  • Practice at Home using Virtual Machine

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Watch the sample Module below

Module: 1 NOSQL Introduction and Implementation: Available (Length 56 Minutes) 

  1. What is NoSQL ? 
  2. NoSQL Characteristics or Common Traits
  3. Categories of NoSQL DataBases
      • Key-Value Database
      • Document DataBase
      • Column Family DataBase
      • Graph DataBase
  4. Aggregate Orientation : Perfect fit for NoSQl
  5. NOSQL Implementation
  6. Key-Value Database Example and Use
  7. Document DataBase Example and Use
  8. Column Family DataBase Example and Use
  9. What is Polyglot persistence ?

Module: 2 Part A HBase Introduction : Available (Part-1 Length 48 Minutes)

  1. Fundamentals of HBase
  2. Usage Scenario of HBase
  3. Use of HBase in Search Engine
  4. HBase Data Model
    • Table and Row
    • Column Family and Column Qualifier
    • Cell and its Versioning
    • Regions and Region Server
  5. HBase Designing Tables
  6. HBase Data Coordinates
  7. Versions and HBase Operation
    • Get/Scan
    • Put
    • Delete

Module: 2 Part B HBase Introduction : Available (Part-2 Length-37 Minutes) 

  1. Fundamentals of HBase
  2. Usage Scenario of HBase
  3. Use of HBase in Search Engine
  4. HBase Data Model
      • Table and Row
      • Column Family and Column Qualifier
      • Cell and its Versioning
      • Regions and Region Server
  5. HBase Designing Tables
  6. HBase Data Coordinates
  7. Versions and HBase Operation
      • Get/Scan
      • Put
      • Delete

Module 3: HBase Shell and Java API understanding : Available (Length-47 Minutes) 

  1. Introduction to HBase Shell and Some Commands
  2. HBase Java API (Insert the data to HBase tables)
  3. HBase connection pooling
  4. RowKey
  5. HBase Co-ordinates
  6. HBase write path
      • a. WAL (Write ahead log)
      • b. Memstore
      • c. HFile

Module: 4 HBase Data Model and Key-Value : Available (Length-38 Minutes)

  1. HBase Data Model
  2. HBase Key-Value
  3. Reading HBase Data
  4. HBase Read Path
      • BlockCache
      • MemStore
      • HFile 
  5. Deleting Data
  6. HBase Housekeeping
      • Minor Compaction
      • Major Compaction

Module 5: HBase Java API in detail : Available (Length-43 Minutes)

  1. Use of GET and SCAN API
  2. Scan API in detail
  3. Optimized way to Scan HBase table
      • Restrict Results
      • Caching for Scan
      • Batching for Scan
      • Limit Based on Size
  4. Discuss ResultScanner and Result object
  5. Lease Period
  6. Hedged Read
  7. Introduction to Filter

Module 6 : HBase Regions and RegionServer : Available (Length-24 Minutes)

  1. HBase Regions
  2. HBase RegionServer

Module 7 : HBase Regions and RegionServer : Available (Length-18 Minutes)

  1. Finding Rows in Regions
  2. Finding -ROOT- and -META- tables
  3. Regions Split
  4. Workflow to search for RowKeys

Module 8 : File Based Data Structure (Part-1) : Available (Length-7 Minutes)

  1. Sequence File

Module 8 : File Based Data Structure (Part-2) : Available (Length-6 Minutes)

  1. MapFile

 Module 9: Hadoop Database and Random Read Write : Available (Length-27 Minutes)

  1. Introduction as Hadoop DataBase
  2. How HBase perform read and write on HDFS (Which does not support modification)

Module 10:  Hands On : Setting up the HBase Virtual machine for Hands on Session  : Available (Length-16 Minutes)

Module 11:  Hands On : Understanding HBase Master Web UI  : Available (Length-6 Minutes)

Module 12:  Hands On :  HBase Shell Commands : Available (Length-24 Minutes)

  1. Create table
  2. Update data
  3. Delete data
  4. Insert data
  5. Disable table
  6. Enable table
  7. Drop table

Module 13:  Hands On : HBase Java API : Available (Length-30 Minutes)

  1. Add User data
  2. Delete User Data
  3. Insert User data

Module 14:  Hands On : HFile Tool : Available (Length-31 Minutes)

Module 15: Time Series Data and Hot Spot : Available (Length-34 Minutes)

  1. Time Series Data and Hot Spot Region Server 
  2. Pre-Split regions to avoid hotspots

Module 16 : Hands On : HBase TimeSeries Data HotSpot detection and Resolution : Available (Length 32 Mins)

  1. Generate HotSpot
  2. Resolve HotSpot

Module 17 : Hands On HBase Data Import Bulk Load using MapReduce : In Progress

Module 18: HBase Raw Key Design : In Progress

Module 19: HBase Create table (HBaseAdmin tool) : In Progress

Many more will be added soon...

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