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300 Questions for OREILLY DataBricks Apache Spark Developer Certification + 5 Page Revision notes:  Practice Questions for real exam 

Apache Spark certification really needs a good and in depth knowledge of Spark , Basic BigData Hadoop knowledge and Its other component like SQL. It also require you to have good knowledge in Broadcast and Accumulators variable, basic coding skill in all three language Java,Scala, and Python to understand Spark coding questions. Understanding of transformations and action API. Spark Streaming , windows function, lazy evaluation, RDD lineage graph and SchemaRDD etc. Successful candidates will achieve the Spark Developer Cdertification credential. Hence to clear the real exam it realy needs very well preparation. So HadoopExam Learning Resources brings Apache Spark Certification Question Bank with 300 Practice Questions, including 70 coding questions (Using Scala, Python and Java), which can help you to prepare for this exam in lesser time. Practice - practice - practice! Apache Spark Exam Question Bank offers you the opportunity to take 6 sample Exams before heading out for the real thing. Be ready to succeed on exam day!

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This Material will also help you to prepare for MapR Spark Developer Certfication

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  • 1. Learning Spark from oreily
  • 2. Advanced Analytics with Spark from oreily

Exhaustive explanation to all required questions

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Simulator Benefits Exam Syllabus
  • 6 Full length mock exams (300 Unique Questions)
  • Objective based Practice Tests
  • Exhaustive explanation with all required question
  • 100% Syllabus covered: All exam objectives
  • Gain confidence and reduce study time
  • Learn to manage your exam time effectively
  • Confirm that you are improving with every simulation
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  • 300 highly realistic Apache Spark exam questions.
  • Created by Apache Spark certifed professional
  • Detailed explanations for all required answers
  • Simulated Apache Spark exam environment
  • Retake all exams as many times as you like
  • Based on the most current Apache Spark Certification Guide
  • Now get update for 12 months without any additional charge
  • 1. Broadcast and Accumulator
  • 2. Word count example in python/Java/Scala
  • 3. Different transformation examples on basic RDD in python/Java/Scala
  • 4. Different actions examples on basic RDD in python/Java/Scala
  • 5. Different transformation examples on pair RDD in python/Java/Scala
  • 6. Different actions examples on pair RDD in python/Java/Scala
  • 7. Lazy evaluation
  • 8. RDD lineage graph
  • 9. Batch and window sizing in spark streaming
  • 10. SchemaRDD in spark sql
  • 11. Basic query example in spark sql

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