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CRT020 Spark Scala Certification

Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x for Scala (Cert No : PR000003)  : Please note that this certification is retired, please check above link for latest certification
  • 360+ Questions  and Answers for real exam
  • 14 Complementary videos to explain selected programming questions. (Simulator has around 65% programming questions).
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         Since last 3 years in the BigData world, one of the fastest growing technology is Spark for sure. Every BigData solution provider has to adopt Spark technology on their platform whether its Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, IBM etc. All these companies knows the power of Spark and the way Spark had changed the BigData, Analytics and Data Science industry. At the same time Spark itself had changed a lot to make itself gold standard BigData technology and one big driver behind that is Databricks. Now Databricks its own launched a certification exam and they are conducting this exam on Spark 2.x platform. This certification exam focus 7 main topics of Spark2 platform, which are listed below. It seems there are only 7 topics to prepare for this certification exam, yes on macro level its true. But as you dive into each individual topic, you will find more granular things which can be asked in the certification exam. We also get to know that in certification exam more focus will be on coding section. Hence, 80% coding and 20% fundamental concepts of Spark 2 required. There are some core fundamentals which had not changed between Spark 1 and Spark 2. Hence, lot of questions will be based on those fundamentals as well. Hence, to prepare yourself for Spark 2.x certification HadoopExam brings 360+ questions with more focus on coding but also at the same time cover good fundamentals concepts as well. By completing this 360 questions, you will not only prepare yourself for the Databricks certification but making yourself master of Spark 2.0 framework as well. So now without waiting further subscribe for Spark 2.x Scala certification simulator. This certification is going to be in limelight for 2018-2019. This certification is very useful for Developer, Data Analyst, Data Scientists and BigData tester.

Below is the best combo for this certification

Combo :

1. Apache Spark (Scala) Professional Training (Core Saprk and Fundamentals)

2. Spark SQL (Scala) Professional Training with Hands On

3. Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x for Scala (Cert No : PR000003)

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Combo : Pack2TRNDBSpark2Scala

Apache Spark (Scala) Professional Training (Core Saprk and Fundamentals)
2. Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x for Scala (Cert No : PR000003)

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Databricks Certified Developer Apache Spark 2.x for Scala (Cert No : PR000003)  

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Simulator Benefits Exam Syllabus
  • 6 Full length mock exams (360+ Questions)
  • Objective based Practice Tests
  • Exhaustive explanation with all required question
  • 100% Syllabus covered: All exam objectives
  • Gain confidence and reduce study time
  • Learn to manage your exam time effectively
  • Confirm that you are improving with every simulation
  • Learn to apply effective "test taking strategies"
  • Created by Hadoop and Spark Developer certifed professional
  • Detailed explanations for all required answers
  • Retake all exams as many times as you like
  • Based on the most current Databricks Spark 2.x Certification  Guide
Below are some sample topics, which are being asked. This list is not enough there is much more in HadoopExam simulator.
  1. Spark Basics : RDD, Core Spark etc
  2. Spark Streaming : Processing real-time data
  3. Spark Architecture : How entire Spark is build, various optimization engine
  4. Spark ML : Machine Learning Concepts
            • Classificatioin
            • Clustering
            • Dimensionality Reduction
            • Collaborative filtering
            • Supervised/Un-Supervised etc
  5. Spark Performance and Debugging : Optimizing Spark execution engine with various parameters
  6. Spark SQL :  Working with structred data like
    • DataFrame
    • Dataset
  7. GraphFrames: Creating,finding subgraph, finding patterns, motif expression and much more
    • Graph algorithm use case like
    • Breadth-first search (BFS)
    • Connected components
    • Strongly connected components
    • Label Propagation Algorithm (LPA)
    • PageRank
    • Shortest paths
    • Triangle count

Note : This product is tested only on Windows Operating System   * Please read faq section carefully. 

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Note : You can choose more than one product to have custome package created from below and send email to hadoopexam@gmail.com to get discount

About Databricks Apache Spark Certification: 2018-2019

            As you know in Big Data, Data Science & Machine Learning one of the fastest growing platform in the last 5 year is Apache Spark. Reason is simple it is one of the fastest data processing engine among all available. Every BigData solution provider like Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR had already integrated Spark 2.x framework. Initially if you had worked with Spark 2.x than most of the time you will be working with the RDD (Resilient Data Distributed) which is still core component of Spark, required you write complex programming. However, in Spark 2.x huge improvement is done and new abstract component is developed which is DataFrame or Dataset and you can assume it is as a distributed table with Rows and Columns and working with Spark Framework was made very easy, even if you are not hard core programmer and working as a Data Scientists, Data Analytics then it is a huge relief for you. Major components supported by Spark Frameworks are below.

  • Core Spark & Architecture : Other components of Spark is built on this Core Spark
  • Spark Streaming: Real time and near real time data can be processed.
  • Spark ML: Component provides various machine learning algorithms.
  • Spark SQL: One of most used and optimized component in Spark 2.x. And favored by all the developers.
  • GraphFrames: To process graph related data and applying analytics on this.
  • Programming Languages: One of the best thing if you know any of Java, Scala, Python or R. You can use Spark framework and learning curve will be reduced.

Regarding Certification: Databricks team is founder of Apache Spark and they helped in Development of Apache Spark in every stage. Now they provide their own commercial solution for Apache Spark. Which is used by various organization globally. Hence, Databricks has a very good reputation in the Industry. At the same time getting certified for Apache Spark from Databricks has a lot of benefits. Also this is the only certification which is available on the Spark 2.x version with Open Source Apache Spark. So it is highly recommended if you are going for Spark Certification then go for this one.

Who should attend this certification?

In this decade you have seen most popular or trending technologies for the professionals working on the data are BigData Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analytics engineer, Machine Learning, BigData Programmer. If you are working or plan to work on the above domain then you are choosing one of the high paying fields for this decade at-least. It is no more hype, its reality. You can check any job portal and to check the current openings. So we recommend this certification should be added in your resume if you are already working or transitioning or planning to work in above domain

  • If you are a developer : go for it
  • If you are a data analytics engineer: It opens a door to become data scientists.
  • If you are already working as a Data scientist: Go for this certification, one of the fastest growing technology for data scientist.

We don’t recommend this certification for the professionals who are working in the following domain. Until they wanr to transition their career.

  • Database Administrator
  • Linux/Unix/Windows Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Quality Assurance professionals.

Which programming language to choose?

Currently Databricks is conducting this certification in two language Scala and Python. If you already know one of this than you can choose accordingly. It will be easier for you to clear the exam. If you don’t know any of these language then we recommend using Scala language because Spark Framework itself written using Scala.  

How to prepare for Databricks Spark 2.x certification?

When you start preparing for any exam then you need proper resources to prepare for the exam. Otherwise it is a huge waste of time and money. And even you cannot complete the certification in specified time. If you can spend couple of hours daily (even you are new to Spark) then at the max it should take 2-3 months to complete this certification and become Apache Spark expert. If you don’t have enough guided resources than it can take anywhere 9-12 months to complete this certification. So to help you in this certification. HadoopExam has been helping since 2012 and almost more than 40,000 learners are using material from HadoopExam. HadoopExam has created below products for preparing this certification as well as for becoming expert in Apache Spark which includes Training as well as Certification preparation material. We are keep updating this material as well. So you can get the update of this material as well (check FAQ for the same).

Resources available for preparing Databricks Certified Developer Spark 2.x

You can use below resources for preparing for this certification as per your need and you can combine together as well. If you have any doubt and question than send an email to admin@hadoopexam.com / hadoopexam@gmail.com .We will certainly help you for further information.

  1. Databricks Spark 2.x Spark Developer Certification Scala
  2. Databricks Spark 2.x (PySpark) Developer Certification Python
  3. Apache Spark Professional (Scala) Training with Hands On Lab Sessions 
  4. Spark SQL 2.x Fundamentals and Cookbook 
  5. Spark 2.x SQL (Scala) Hands On Training  
  6. Scala Programming HandsOn Professional training   
  7. Python Programming HandsOn Professional Training

Who all are using learning material from HadoopExam?

It is very difficult to write individual names who is using even there is a huge list of companies from where the professionals are using this material like Big Consultancies and many product based companies are using it. We can tell few names like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, IBM, Oracle, and Capgemini and there are many startups and Investment Bank employees are using Spark technology.

I already have good knowledge of Apache Spark, why should I do Certification?

If you are serious about your career growth than just having a knowledge is not enough. You should try every possible way to grow your career. We have seen many professionals are having good working knowledge of the technology. But they cannot communicate correctly and their growth speed is much slower. A person who can show (In technology world you need both show of as well as knowledge) its skills all possible ways can reach on top, much faster than a person who is having the knowledge but cannot show. So becoming a certified professional will add one more dimension in your career growth. We recommend go for the certification to prove your skill and grow faster in your career. If certification would have not value then companies would not spending so much money on that. It is highly recommended for the professional who already know the Spark then get certified. It make a huge difference. Even on various job portal you can check they are looking for certified professionals only.

Comments : We higly recommend that, you post your comments and views about this certification or anything iof interest in below comment box.

Question-1: What is the Major change is done in Databricks Spark certification in latest certifications?
Question-2: Is Databricks test is on Databricks Enterprise platform or on the Apache Spark?
Question-3: Should I consider or preferred Scala based Spark certification only, because Spark is written using Scala and heard that Spark Scala is faster that PySpark?
Question-4: What is the name of current version of Spark certification?
Question-5: What is the duration of the exam and number of questions?
Question-6: What all are the topics asked in the Databricks Spark certification exam?
Question-7: I don’t see RDD mentioned in the syllabus, so they are not part of the certification?
Question-8: In the syllabus they have mentioned only Streaming, so questions would be asked from Dstream or Structured Streaming?
Question-9: What programming languages questions are expected in real exam?
Question-10: Is there any book is available for preparing Spark certification in either Python or Scala?
Question-11: What about Spark Machine Learning Questions?
Question-12: I have some feedback and information about the Databricks Spark certification which needs to be updated here, for the benefits of the other learners?
Question-13: There are two library for processing graph data, GraphX and GraphFrame. Which one they are asking in the exam?
Question-14: Should I know Machine Learning in depth to clear Spark certification exam?
Question-15: Why Spark technology in so much news?
Question-16: I have good knowledge of Spark, and almost 3+ years’ experience working with Spark, why should I go for certification?
Questions-17: Who else conduct the Spark certification?
Question-18: Do you give priority to specific vendor?
Question-19: Can I use Learning Spark book, to prepare for the Databricks Spark certification?
Question-20: I don’t know both Scala and Python then which programming language you would recommend?
Question-21: What is the current passing score?
Question-22: What is the fee for the Databricks certification and how many attempts we can have?
Question-23: Any other or particular sections you want me to focus?

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