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Question-8: You are working in a Web Hosting company which has 10,000 web hosting servers and running more than 1 million websites, you want to collect the data regularly in real time from all the websites and webserver. And in every 30 mins you wanted to run the batch processing so that you can find the most top 50 errors happening on the various websites, so which of the following tools combination can help in this scenario?

  1. You can use the AWS Kinesis FireHose and Kinesis Data Analytics, with the DynamoDB
  2. You would be using Redshift cluster and AWS RDS
  3. You would be using Redshift cluster, S3 and Apache Hive
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  5. You would be using S3, Kinesis FireHose, Kinesis data analytics

Ans: D

Exp:  As we are going to read data in real time, Get the latest AWS Training, Certification Preparation Material, Books & Interview questions  hence we can use the Kinesis Data Stream for that, now we need to read this data from Kinesis Data Stream to EMR and in the EMR we can do the batch processing and generate the report by running Hive queries in every 30 mins.