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 AWS : Amazon WebService Solution Architect Associate  training

HadoopExam training always focused on in depth learning as well as more focus on concepts and Hands-On sessions. This AWS Solution Architect Training is completely focus on AWS Solution Architect : Associate most of the session, have step by step guide and concept clearing sessions. In this training , you will not only learn for AWS SA but also become very much familiar with various AWS components, which is heavily used when you work with AWS. It is really recommended that every developer, tester, admin and architect become very well familiar with the cloud computing as organizations have started to migrating from in-house datacenter to cloud as well as for dev, test, production environment well secured. regulatory comliant environment is available. So it is must to learn Cloud Computing and as you know AWS is pioneer and well established cloud solution provider among the all reputed cloud solution provider. Once you complete this training you will learn AWS for architect perspective and you can move forward your career towards Cloud Computing Architect. This training is very well suited for the learners who are preparing for AWS SA exam, during training sessions it is also focused that which all component is important for your real exam. Check all the available AWS Certification preparation material as well. Please check below for entire course curriculum covered, and any future video added under this training only will also accessible to you , once you subscribe.

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Syllabus of AWS Solution Architect Associate Training : 

Module 1 : AWS Introduction  PDF Download Available (Length 18 Minutes)
1. What is AWS
2. EC2, Storage, Glacier
3. Accessing webservice and API
4. SDK, Management Console, SSH, Templates
5. AWS Account creation and Access services

Module 2 & 3 : Understanding Auto Recovery and High Availabilty using CloudWatch
 PDF Download Available (Length 29 & 33 Minutes)
1. Basics of EC2 Instance (Virtual Server)
2. Why High Availability
3. High Availability v/s Fault tolerance
4. Tools for High Availability
 - Cloudwatch
 - Availability Zones
 - Auto Scaling
5. Cloudwatch In detail
6. System Status Check
7. Auto recovery using Cloudwatch

Module 4 & 5 : AWS Concepts
PDF Download Available (Length 34 &  22  Minutes)
1. Introduction to AWS
2. Some Scenarios of AWS
3. Various ways to connect AWS
4. Basic components of AWS (Just intro)
5. Basics of Fault Tolerant Architecture
6. Basics of Blueprints

 PDF Download Available (Length 13 Minutes)
1. Understand Public and Private keys.
2. Create Public and Private keys
3. Generating private key using PUTTYGEN tool

Module 7 to 10 : AWS VPC 
PDF Download Available (Length 33, 28, 22 & 21  Minutes)
1. Route Table Concepts
2. Direct & Indirect Routing
3. CIDR Notation
4. Subnetting
5. VPC Concepts
6. Subnetting Benefits
7. Internet Gateway
8. Public subnet with Internet access
9. VPC Peering
10. Extend VPC using VPN, VPG and CGW
11. Public & Elastic IP
12. ENI : Elastic Network Interface
13. Private Subnet EC2 instanced
14. NAT Gateway
15. NAT Instances
16. VPC Endpoint
17. Security Groups and VPC
18. NACL : Network Access Control List
19. Important point to remember for exam as well as in general for VPC

Module 11 & 12 : AWS EC2
 PDF Download Available (Length 26 & 23 Minutes)
1. EC2 Instance
2. Instance Types
3. General Purpose
4. Compute Optimized
5. Memory Optimized
6. Accelerate Computing
7. Storage Optimized
8. Burstable, EBS optimized, Enhance Networking
9. AMI : Amazon Machine Image
10. AWS Key Pair
11. User Data
12. Instance Metadata
13. VM Import/Export
14. On Demand, Reserved, Spot Instances
15. Tenancy
16. Placement Group
17. Instance Store

Module 13 : Connect EC2 and Concepts
 PDF Download Available (Length 37 Minutes)
1. Basics of Virtual server
2. Understanding AMI
3. Introduction to instance types
4. Create First EC2 instance
5. Connect using SSH (Using private key)

Module 14 : Status Checks for Your Instances 
PDF Download Available (Length 12 Minutes)
1. System Status Checks (Start and stop Servers, hence different physical machine will be chosen)
2. Loss of network connectivity
3. Loss of system power
4. Software issues on the physical host
5. Hardware issues on the physical host
6. Instance Status Checks (Reboot servers)
7. Failed system status checks
8. Incorrect networking or startup configuration
9. Exhausted memory
10. Corrupted file system
11. Incompatible kernel

Module 15 & 16 : AWS EBS
PDF Download Available (Length 28 and 12  Minutes)
1. Elastic Block Storage
2. EBS Volumes
a. SSD : EBS Provisioned IOPS
b. SSD: EBS General Purpose
c. HDD : Throughput Optimized
d. HDD : Cold HDD
3. EBS Snapshots
4. Increase EBS Volumes
5. What Happen when instance fail?
6. EBS Encryption
7. EBS Optimized Instances
8. Important Point about EC2 and EBS
9. Enhanced Networking

Module 17 & 18 : S3: Simple Storage Service
PDF Download Available (Length 15 & 14  Minutes)
2. Replication and Scalability
3. Bucket and Object
4. Object Key
5. RRS :Reduce Redundancy Storage
6. Eventual Consistency
7. Accessing Bucket
8. Data Lifecycle
9. Data Encryption
a. SSE : S3
b. SSE : KMS
c. SSE :C
d. Client Side Encryption

Module 19: S3 Advanced Concepts
PDF Download Available (Length 19 Minutes)
1. Bucket Versioning
2. MFA Delete Authentication
3. Pre-signed URL
4. Multipart Upload
5. Range Get
6. Cross Region Replication
7. Logging
8. Event Notification
9. Glacier
10. Important Exam Point

Module 20 & 21 : AWS IAM
PDF Download Available (Length 21 & 10  Minutes)
1. Using IAM
2. Basics of IAM
3. Principal
a. Root User
b. IAM Users
c. IAM Roles
4. EC2 Roles
5. Across AWS Account Access
6. Federation
7. IAM Authentication
8. IAM Authorization
9. IAM Policies
      a. Actions , Condition , Effect , Service , Resource
10. Example URL S3 Bucket Policy: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/reference_policies_examples_s3_home-directory-console.html
11. Associating Policy
12. Multiple Permissions

Module 22 : AWS ELB
PDF Download Available (Length 19  Minutes)
1. Load Balancing Concept
2. Internet facing Load Balancer
3. Internal and HTTPS Load Balancer
4. ELB Listener
5. ELB Configurations
6. Cross-zone Load Balancing
7. Connection Draining
8. Proxy Protocol
9. Sticky Sessions
10. EC2 Health Checks

Module 23 : AWS CloudWatch
PDF Download Available (Length 14 Minutes)
1. Basics of CloudWatch Monitoring
2. Example of Cloudwatch Monitoring
3. Example of Cloudwatch Alarm
Module 24 : Cloudwatch Advnaced  
PDF Download Available (Length 8 Minutes)
1. Cloudwatch monitoring HandsOn Session
2. Understanding IAM Role creation during EC2 instance launch


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