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Question-4: You are working in a Hospital chain which has huge presence in the Social Networking space, specifically on the Facebook and they are also using the Facebooks messenger application to respond to various queries of the patients. However, it is observed that there are all the time more than 500 agents should be available to answer all queries in real-time and that introduces the lot of cost and they are losing the patients engagement. In this scenario what is the recommendation you provide to increase the patient engagement as well as supporting continuous increase of patients over the Social network.

  1. You would also introduce telephonic conversation support so that interaction can be faster with the patient and you would be using AWS Speech to Text service for converting entire conversation in text format and which can be analyzed further.
  2. You would be using AWS Lex to create a new conversational interface into the Facebook Messenger. And you would be using the AI plugin for the Facebook to answer more frequently asked questions.
  3. You would be installing third party Chat Service on your Website and also provide Facebook messenger plugin on your website so one of them can be used by your patients and medical staff can answer question in real-time which are already on the website or having messenger application installed on their phone.
  4. You would be developing an AI solution for the most frequently asked question and using the AWS Mechanical Turk you would be hiring vendor to answer this FAQ as well as any question out of this can be re-directed to the Medical Staff of the hospital


Answer: B

Exp: In this question if you see Hospitals are already having strong network of the patients on the Facebook and they are using it heavily to respond the patient query and making them happy. But there are some cases where many of the patients are not getting response in real time and many of them are having same questions or query which require same response. For that it is clear that using social media it is expected that round-the-clock responses should be given.

And to solve this issue you can develop AWS Chatbot within Facebook messenger using Amazon Lex, which help you to build a conversational interface into any application using voice and text.

Over the time, the team can work with the front-line medical staff to compile responses to some potential frequently asked questions through social media such as “When do I get my results?, “Am I eligible for a screening?,” and “Can I book an appointment?” etc.

This artificial intelligence (AI) plug-in for Facebook can now answer the majority of questions patients asked, whether clinical staff are available or not. You can also developed a telephone interface, which uses AI to provide the correct answers to verbal questions in real-time.