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Latest AWS 2020 Certifications

As you know in the world of software development role of security professional has high importance. Even if you are a start up, you have to first make sure how would you safeguard resources in your organization. A small loop hole can wipe out your entire organization data, network etc. 

                    Similarly Cloud infrastructure needs security specialization as well and each cloud solution has a different way of implementing, network designing, software architect etc. Hence, it needs specialization in each individual cloud security. So that Amazon launches its certification for the security professionals to understand all the security aspects working with Amazon cloud. And you need to learn how a secure infrastructure is created on the AWS by your network, administrator, developer and DevOps engineer. You are the person who will audit all this things for the security perspective and you are the once who will set up the rules for each of them to follow. Therefore we can say that security professional is a prestigious role in any organization.

                    Because of regular virus attack, data stealing activity, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) etc. increase the demand for security professionals. By doing this certification you are proving that you have enough knowledge for securing AWS platform. 


Who should do this certification?

                     As name suggest this certification is important for the following professionals they must do this. Because AWS has grown such a level that you will find many organizations had adopted the AWS for deploying their solutions. 

  1. Professionals working IT security field.
  2. Professionals working as Network security.
  3. Professionals involved for auditing the Software infrastructure for compliance perspective. 
  4. Anybody willing to transition or start their career in Security world.

And also, if you want to prove that you are master of AWS platform than we recommend that following professionals should also do this certifications. As you know software field is a continuous learning fields whether you have 2 yr or 20 yrs of IT experience, everybody has to keep learning new things to grow as well as to keep their current role in demand.

  1. Developer
  2. Administrator
  3. Devops Engineer
  4. Quality Assurance Professionals


Skillsets : You will be asked following stuff (However, it is very abstract). You can check specific topic covered here

  • How to protect data on AWS platform and classify them.
  • How the encryption works on AWS e.g. KMS, CMK, Server Side Encryption etc.
  • How to secure your network infrastructure like VPC, Subnets, Security Groups, NACL (Network Access Control List) etc.
  • How to secure various AWS services like S3, DynamoDB, RDS, CloudTrail, Kinesis stream etc.
  • How to secure production environment. 
  • Making a tradeoff decision among cost, security, deployment complexity for a given application. However, security is always higher priority :)


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2. Certifications Questions Bank (Simulator) 

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