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Question 18: You have two set of auto-scaling groups with 5 EC2 instances in each to starts with. You need to have logged all the events on EC2 instances and also wants to monitor log events. ..... have to store all the logs encrypted and access should be given to limited users. Which of the following will be helpful in implementing this solution?

  1. Create an S3 bucket and store all the logs in this bucket. Control the bucket access via IAM policy and bucket policy.
  2. Correct Answer
  3. Store all the logs in CloudTrail and group them together and apply the retention policy on it.
  4. Create a CloudWatch Log Groups and apply the retention policy on that Log group. And also using the IAM policy you can put the access control.
  5. To enabled the encryption of log data, we can use CloudHSM (Hardware Security Module)

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