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Question24: You are working in a Health Care Data solution provider IT Company, which stores all the patients’ data in Oracle RDS and all the images like charting (X-Rays) etc. in S3 bucket. There is a web application called which can only be accessed by doctors if patient gives its patient id to view the data. ................................ All secret should be accessed dynamically and decrypted on the fly. All access to secret should also be audited. So what is the best solution or design for given requirement?

  1. You will be storing encrypted username and password in some other database table.
  2. You will be using KMS solution to encrypt and decrypt the password before storing in databases table.
  3. You will be using AWS KMS (Key Management Solution) to store encrypted secret.
  4. You will be using API call to dynamically retrieve the username and password from KMS.
  5. Correct Answer
  6. You will be using API call over the TLS to get the secret on the fly from KMS.

Correct Answer 

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