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Question 2: is a very popular websites for the certification exam preparations and they provide online practice material to prepare for a certifications. Only member of the website can attempt to practice paper, hence you need to create you profile and once you create the profile you can start your practice. However, to maintain the session, like how many questions you have appeared and how many right and wrong etc. are maintained using sessions. Once you close the sessions or finish the question paper history of your exam attempts will be deleted. To maintain this entire history of an attempt of the exam, which of the following services can be used, remember it is scalable website with 4 EC2 nodes in two availability zones?


  1. Amazon S3
  2. ElastiCache
  3. DynamoDB
  4. Amazon Simple workflow service
  5. Amazon Redshift


  1. A,B
  2. B,C
  3. C,D
  4. D,E
  5. A,E


Correct Answer: 2  

Exp: In this question you need to understand what exactly the requirement. Website is scalable they are already using 4 EC2 instance. And given options are not related to the scalability etc. It is more about managing user session and until user finishes its exam, session data must be stored somewhere. If you are not using AWS then also you would be using some way to manage the session specific data either using in-memory cache or somewhere in database.

However, in case of AWS you should prefer ElastiCache for caching the session data or if you want to persist it and delete later on, then you can use DynamoDB. DynamoDB is very fast NoSQL database, if you use it properly.

S3: Nope, S3 is more for the object storage like files, images and videos. Hence, eliminate this option.

Redshift: It is a Data warehouse solution. So it cannot be used here eliminate this option as well.

SWS: Question requirement is nowhere related to workflow service and eliminate this option as well. Hence, remaining options are well suited.