Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

Recently there is a very good Paradigm shift from RDBMS to NoSQL database and one of the leaders in this database is Apache Cassandra database There are other databases as well in a NoSQL world like Vertica from HP  and Mongo DB (document oriented) database.

Whether you are Oracle database administrator or not and if you want to grow as a NoSQL administrator then Apache Casandra is one of the best choices among all currently available databases .  Because recently in the last few years Apache Cassandra has done a lot of things especially integration with the most popular big data Technology like Apache Spark.  Which help them to grow faster than any other NoSQL database in market even though there are many other components like Search engine, Graph data solution, and Analytics.  Which help Cassandra to grow much faster than any other available NoSQL database.

It's not about switching career between Oracle database administrator or NoSQL Cassandra database administrator it is more about having the knowledge for both administration in Cassandra as well as the Oracle because no company can survive with only NoSQL database, they must have both No Sequel database as well as RDBMS and if your company is in business since last few years, then they would certainly have one kind of RDBMS database in their production environment it could be either MySQL, Oracle, DB2 , Sybase and SQL Server etc.  So becoming a NoSQL database administrator is an additional knowledge and not only required for switching the career.

Let me give you one scenario where you may have to work with both the database: Assume you are working in a company which has an Oracle database in production and day by day data volume is growing very fast and your company is dealing with the time series type of data in the Oracle database and now volume of the data is in many terabytes and they are seeing a performance issue when the analytical team wanted to use query on this data and you have to either use the data warehouse solutions or something else and even that is not as performant as it should be. And your company had decided to migrate this data from Oracle database to the Cassandra NoSql database only for the analytical query, hence they need an in house Cassandra expert or they have to hire somebody from outside if you have good knowledge of Cassandra database then you can be a good candidate for migrating this data from Oracle database to the Cassandra database and it would certainly help in your growth in the same company rather than even changing the company.  So it is always recommended to you learn hybrid technology and grow faster and stay longer in the company.  To increase the salary it is not always a good idea to change the company but rather stay in the same company learn more become expert on the things which companies are using, someday you would definitely grow as well as your salary would be higher.

So now next question is how to learn the Cassandra administration? And once you decide you would be going for Cassandra administration certification then you should start preparing for that and to prepare for the Cassandra administration certification you should certainly have a good material for learning so currently what I see is there are free training material available from the Datastax website which you can start learning from there.  As well as there is one option, which can help you to become certified Cassandra administrator. The name of the certification is Datastatx Cassandra Administration certification. Datastax is the leader for the Apache Cassandra enterprise solution and they provide full support before and after production deployment of Cassandra solution. And to prepare for this popular Apache Cassandra administration certification HadoopExam.com  provides the material. Where HadoopExam is providing the certification preparation material with the questions and answers. And almost each answer comes with in depth explanation. Below are the two popular material (which is time to time updated as well, based on the exam updates and based on the users feedback and also HadoopExam team do the regular research for this certification, who appear for the Cassandra Certification preparation. HadoopExam try at their best to make you Apache Cassandra expert.

Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

You should certainly consider this material before appearing in your Datastax Apache Cassandra Administrator real exam. As per the HadoopExam team and below is the future plan to add more material for the Apache Cassandra as below.