Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

To become a Datastax Apache Cassandra Developer Professional you need to learn at least below. And understand the concept in details.  Go through all the questions and answers in detail which is provided by HadoopExam.com. As per the HadoopExam technical team below topics are quite critical (at least you should know these in depth before moving for the real exam) for Cassandra Developer Certification exam.

  • Why RDBMS cannot able to handle big data load and analytical load?
  • Cassandra architecture concepts.
  • How Apache Cassandra Cluster works and its internal mechanism (required for both Admin and Developer certification)?
  • Understand the read path (What all storage are involved, while reading the data. For example, do you know what is the Role of the Bloom filter while reading the data from Cassandra multi-node cluster?)
  • Understand write path (for instance do you know, what is the role of commit log while writing the data in the Cassandra cluster?)
  • Various caching mechanisms (What all are storage, which cache the data).
  • Data modelling which is one of the critical component for developer certification.
  • If you have a good hands on knowledge then this is one of the best things.
  • Below are the very critical concepts to learn.
    • Partition
    • Ring
    • Node
    • Data center
    • Snitch
    • Consistent hashing,
  • Other than that you must not miss the following material for preparing the Cassandra developer certification.

HadoopExam.com is providing almost 250 plus practice questions and answers with detailed explanation to almost all questions to justify the correctness of the answers. You also need to understand these concepts which are explained in the justification. HadoopExam.com  material is available online so you can use it whenever you want it till you reach the exam centers (if you are not appearing from Home). This is one of the best material for preparing Apache Cassandra developer certification. Thanks for reading and wish you all the best for your career.