Apache Cassandra is one of the top NoSQL database which has features of both Google Bigtable as well as Amazon DynamoDB. Most of the big organization globally already adopted Cassandra database and running in production you name the industry and they are using it. If you have checked the Cassandra database certification page, it is clearly mentioned that on average professionals get 31% higher salary if they know and have experience working with the Cassandra databases. And one of the recommended way to win first impression in interview is having certification in particular technology. And there is a company who conducts the certification exam for Apache Cassandra and that DataStax.
In the NoSQL world with the Apache Cassandra based solution DataStax is pioneer and they have certification to prove you have valid credentials to work with Cassandra database. Now the point is how to prepare for Apache Cassandra certification. One of the most popular certification for Apache Cassandra is Professional Certification with Apache Cassandra: Massively NoSQL database and this certification is for both Developer as well as architects. This certification has combination of two things fundamentals of Apache Cassandra and DataStax features. Cassandra is among the most 5 popular databases of 2017-2018.
  • Redis à Popularity Rank No.1
  • PosgreSQL à Popularity Rank No 2
  • MongoDB à Popularity Rank No 3
  • SQL Server à Popularity Rank 4
  • Cassandra à Popularity Rank 5
There is high demand of Cassandra certified NoSQL developer (BigData really changed IT Technology world). As per DataStax site you can see there are 1000’s of company like Apple, Netflix, Sony, Uber etc. are already using Cassandra database in production.
Linked Networking for Cassandra Certified Professional: If you are Cassandra certified from DataStax than you will be getting exclusive access to “Apache Cassandra Certified” group which increases your chances of getting Jobs with higher salary and relevant company.
How to prepare for Apache Cassandra certification: HadoopExam have been one of the leader in providing certification preparation material for various IT technology domain like Hadoop, Spark, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Java, Python, Scala, RDBMS (Oracle), and NoSQL. Hence for Apache Cassandra certification there is another super good material at very affordable price and already being used by 1000’s of developer, Architect, and new NoSQL DBA world. Just click below link and get Total 207 Questions for preparing “Professional Certification for Apache Cassandra”