Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

There is no such a role as a DBA for Cassandra. The roll which is called for the Cassandra is Cassandra administrator professional. It is quite different than DBA role you have seen for database  like Oracle, MySQl, DB2 etc. The Cassandra administrator role involves setting up the cluster, optimization of the read and write data, copying data from other file systems and exporting Casandra data to the file system. 
And to become Cassandra database administrator you need somewhat different skill set then regular RDBMS database administrator. You need to learn completely different tool set. Suppose you are becoming a Datastax Enterprise Cassandra administrator which is DSE Cassandra. DSE Cassandra supports various other components like graphs analytics and NoSQL storage. Hence, you need to start learning and experiencing the Cassandra database operation and management tooling as well as data modelling based on the application requirement. Cassandra clusters can span across various geography. For example one Cassandra cluster setup can be done in three different locations which is known as data Centers. Hence you need to understand how the Cassandra database works across different geographical locations and also what is the impact of the network. To better optimize your database you need to consider network, disk storage layers. You should always use direct attached storage or local storage. You should be aware that how read repair happens what are the different layer of the storage like MemTable, SSTable, bloom filters, partition summary, partition index etc.

Then also you need to know the basics of Linux administration to work as a Cassandra database administrator. Now next questions certainly would come in your mind that how can I justify that I am a Cassandra administrator. There are various options for this like either you have already worked with the Cassandra and set up a cluster and you know all, in and out about the setting up Cassandra cluster. Another option is if you are not worked with the Cassandra cluster then go for the Cassandra administrator certification. This certification is currently available through Datastax which is one and only provider for Cassandra database enterprises version. Hence, there is a quite a good amount of demands for the Datastax certified Cassandra professional. To prepare for the Cassandra administration certification one of the best options available is used practice material provided by the HadoopExam.com. Please click the link below to get more detail about getting all the practice questions for the Cassandra administrator certification. They are also providing the interview question in the format of of as an audio book. Which you can use anytime anywhere while driving the car you can listen while traveling you can listen or before your any interview you just listen continuously. Casandra Interview Questions and Answer help you in grasping more concepts about the Cassandra administrator and underline structure, working of the Cassandra storage and much more.

We have seen some of the vendor provides and claim that they have latest updated dumps for the Cassandra administration certification. Most of the places we have found the feedback that they even don’t have the questions they just take your money do not provide any material for preparing certification. If they provides then their question and answers are mostly wrongs and which leads to failure in in real certification exam. We have already gone through the entire material provided by HadoopExam.com , which is accurate as well as updated with the correct answers and detailed explanations to justify the correctness of the answers. Hence, it is highly recommended that you use the material from HadoopExam.com . This is one of the best place,  we have found till now for various learning material. Even you can directly call them to understand more about the material they are providing to become a Cassandra administrator. Recently in last 3-4 years, demands of Cassandra administrator has gone very high. As there are lack of resources chances of getting higher salary is also high.