Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

To become a Cassandra expert you have to choose the path as an administrator or as a developer. If you are good at programming then I would recommend you should go for the developers and should be very good on the data modelling side. Because it is expected from the developer that you know the good data modelling as well there is no separate role for the data modeler or something like other database is have specially RDBMS databases i.e. Oracle and DB2. And other options if you are good on operating systems and understand concepts of the operating system and how to do the administration work then it is highly recommended that you go for the Cassandra administration certification. Once you decided to path for your career then you have to start on respective path by measuring your skill level. If you are completely fresher out of the college then you may have to learn NoSQL concept as well as, how Cassandra database work and how it is different from regular RDBMS. Once you understand concept of NoSQL database which is not very difficult to learn. Generally concepts of RDBMS are little complicated then the NoSQL concepts.

Once you decided and learn the concept then it is highly recommend it you do the certification for the Cassandra and choose the path accordingly if you are going for the administration then Cassandra administration certification by Datastax is the good choice and similarly there is a Cassandra developer certification is also available from the Datastax. For getting the practice material for respective certification choose one of the below link

  1. Cassandra administration certification preparation material with question and answers. (Available)
  2. Cassandra developer certification preparation material with questions and answers (Available)
  3. Cassandra interview questions online version. (Available)
  4. Cassandra interview questions audiobook. (Available)
You can check the sample questions as below
  1. Check Sample EBook (Interview Questions)
  2. Sample Questions of Cassandra Developer Certification 
  3. Sample Questions of Cassandra Administration Certification

Please be aware that most of the places you would find practice material which has wrong questions and answers which can lead to a failure in real exam. Material from the HadoopExam.com is 100% accurate and their each questions comes with the full explanation to justify the correctness of the questions as well as you can learn the entire concepts from the explanation. As this questions material you can read on the mobile as well if you have access and internet availability. So till the exam center you reach or appearing from the your home, you should go through the online material using mobile, desktop etc. Use this material until you feel confident for the real exam. This is one of the best material I have found over the internet for preparing the Apache Cassandra administration certification. Another important things to note is that they also provide audiobook for the Cassandra interview questions. This would be really helpful for understand and answering the questions during your real interview. So whenever you are travelling or driving or in free time you can keep listening those questions and answers and keeping yourself updated with the Cassandra database. What I have observe that HadoopExam regularly update their material as well. It is highly recommended you keep their subscriptions active all the time and go through the material time to time. Check couple of videos from the HadoopExam.