Question-1: Which of the following are the compute solution from the Azure?

  1. Virtual Machines
  2. Containers
  3. Serverless Computing
  4. Data Lake
  5. Elastic Storage

Answer: A, B, C

Explanation: Cloud provider provides two main solutions in different form which are below

  • Compute
  • Storage

Compute is a CPU cycles you are getting from the Cloud provider and to get the compute resources you have to provision one of the following

  • Virtual Machines: You are dividing single physical machine into many virtual machines. Most of the time when you create an instance in the Cloud it means you are provisioning new virtual machine in the cloud.
  • Container: Containers are conceptually the same as virtual machine, which provide you isolated computing power to run your application. However, these are much lighter than Virtual Machines. Yes, technology is moving from virtual machine to the container.
  • Serverless computing: You don’t provision any resources. This is a managed solution to run your code written in different programming languages like Python, Java etc.

Cloud Computing

  • Renting resources like Storage Space and CPU Cycles or other company’s computers.
  • You pay only what you use.

Cloud Provide responsibility:

  • The Cloud provider is responsible for the physical hardware, data centers, networking etc.
    • Compute Power: Providing Linux servers or managed software services
    • Storage: Database, Blob storage etc.
    • Networking: Secure connection between cloud provider and your company.
    • Analytics, Machine Learning & Data Science platform

Below are the two important services provided by the cloud provider are

  • Compute power
  • Storage