Question-2: Which of the following are the containers?

  1. Serverless computing
  2. Virtual Machine
  3. Docker
  4. Instance

Answer:  C

Explanation: Containers are much different from the Virtual Machine. Containers does not require virtual machine. Container provides the isolation environment without having guest operating system. Advantages of the containers is they have faster boot time compare to virtual machine. Because there is no need to boot another operating system as this happens in case of Virtual Machine. There is one of the popular open-source technology which provides the container solution known as Docker.

Containers are much lightweight, efficient. Even it allows different components of the same application to be deployed separately. On a single virtual or physical machine you can run multiple containers and even at the runtime you can move containers from one machine to another machine. And generally moving containers from one environment to another environment does not require any changes to already built application for the containers.