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About Cloudera CCA131 : HandsOn CDH Admin Certifications Preparation Kit :  Total 92 Solved scenarios  Cloudera had retired its multiple choice (CCA500) Hadoop Administration certification exam and launched a new certifiction for CDH admin credentials. It is an  HandsOn exam , which candidate have to complete in two hours. You will be given 10-12 tasks and have to complete at least 70% to clear the exam. Being an hands on exam, it has more credibility in industry. It make sure that you have basic required CDH admin skills. By solving all the problem scenarios provided by HadoopExam, you will have more hands on most of the administrative components. We have been adding as much scenario as possible, so that you will not only able to clear the exam, but become CDH admin expert. Currently we have 44 hands on scenarios for this exam and soon more will be added. It will cover the syllabus provided by Cloudera. It includes in depth complex scenarios for installing and configuring various services for example Kafka,  Sqoop, flume, HDFS, Spark, Hive, Impala, High Availability setup,  Application Configurations, Security setup for CDH,  and creating CDH with 4 node cluster etc. We are in process of adding Complemenatry videos for Selected problems given in simulator. Practice and Sample Problem with its solutions will be provided in HadoopExam Simulator only (Check Below Video to understand more). In real exam you will be asked to complete a task, which can be solved by installing multiplen CDH components and  many problems which can be solved mixing the components. We have added complex scenerio as well as step by step solutions. These problem scnerios not only helps you to clear CCA131 exam, but also it will help in your real life BigData problems, Hence solve these scenarios and become Hadoop Admin experts, with HandsOn. Once you complete all 44 (few more will be added) problem scenarios your own, you will be ready to clear real CCA131 exam. This is one of the most demanding certification and Hadoop platform. Old exam CCA500 material is still avilable with us, if you need for your practice.


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Testimonial : Vineet (CCA175) 90%

Today i have cleared CCA175 and Scored 9 out of 10 questions.....

I have gone through all the CCA175 Questions and practice the code provided by HadoopExam.com 

Thanks for your questions and code content. The content was excellent and it helped me a lot.

(Especially I have gone through all the Spark Professional training module as well)

Thanks you sooo.. much

Vineet Goal

I have cleared CCA175 certification yesterday with 100% result.

Your collection  of practice helped me a lot. I really appreciate the effort put in by you.

I am also looking for OCP SE8( Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer II IZ0-809) and CCP(Cloudera Data Engineer, DE575) practice softwares. Please let me know at the earliest if available with you



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Required Skills for CCA131 : Cloudera Hadoop Admin Certification:

  • Install : Demonstrate an understanding of the installation process for Cloudera Manager, CDH, and the ecosystem projects.
  • Set up a local CDH repository
  • Perform OS-level configuration for Hadoop installation
  • Install Cloudera Manager server and agents
  • Install CDH using Cloudera Manager
  • Add a new node to an existing cluster
  • Add a service using Cloudera Manager
  • Configure : Perform basic and advanced configuration needed to effectively administer a Hadoop cluster
  • Configure a service using Cloudera Manager
  • Create an HDFS user's home directory
  • Configure NameNode HA
  • Configure ResourceManager HA
  • Configure proxy for Hiveserver2/Impala
  • Manage : Maintain and modify the cluster to support day-to-day operations in the enterprise
  • Rebalance the cluster
  • Set up alerting for excessive disk fill
  • Define and install a rack topology script
  • Install new type of I/O compression library in cluster
  • Revise YARN resource assignment based on user feedback
  • Commission/decommission a node
  • Secure : Enable relevant services and configure the cluster to meet goals defined by security policy; demonstrate knowledge of basic security practices
  • Configure HDFS ACLs
  • Install and configure Sentry
  • Configure Hue user authorization and authentication
  • Enable/configure log and query redaction
  • Create encrypted zones in HDFS
  • Test : Benchmark the cluster operational metrics, test system configuration for operation and efficiency
  • Execute file system commands via HTTPFS
  • Efficiently copy data within a cluster/between clusters
  • Create/restore a snapshot of an HDFS directory
  • Get/set ACLs for a file or directory structure
  • Benchmark the cluster (I/O, CPU, network)
  • Troubleshoot : Demonstrate ability to find the root cause of a problem, optimize inefficient execution, and resolve resource contention scenarios
  • Resolve errors/warnings in Cloudera Manager
  • Resolve performance problems/errors in cluster operation
  • Determine reason for application failure
  • Configure the Fair Scheduler to resolve application delays

Features of the CCA 131 (Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Developer certification)
1. Entire syllabus will be covered.
2. All questions are scenerio based and step by step solutions will be given
3. Same will be executed by our exper technical team and complimentary selected recorded videos will be shared here.
4. Almost all scenerios will be covered for real exams.
5. Any future updates will be free on single and same machine.
6. Solutions are already executed on Cloudera CDH, hence same can be used for real exam.
7. Our expert regularly update the simulator.
8. It will help you gain confidence and reduce study time.
9. Always updated and correct/incorrect  way of solutions explanation

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