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Read Spark SQL Fundamental and Cookbookhttps://sites.google.com/training4exam.com/spark-sql-2-x-fundamentals/

Table of Contents

Chapter-1: Spark SQL Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Sample program using both SQL Query and API
Chapter-2 Catalyst Optimizer.
  • Catalyst optimizer Introduction.
  • Objectives of Catalyst optimizer.
  • Catalyst Library
  • Internal Representation
  • Catalyst Tree
  • Four phases of Catalyst optimization
  • Analysis phase
  • Logical optimization
  • Physical planning
  • Code Generation
Chapter 3: Project Tungsten
  • Introduction to Project Tungsten
  • Code generation
  • CPU Bound operations
Chapter-4: Setting up Spark Environment
  • Compare free vs Paid Version
  • Part-2 Installing Ubuntu Linux on VMWare
  • Part-3: Setting Spark 2.0 env on Ubuntu
Chapter-5 SparkSQL Schema
  • Schema Inference
  • Explicitly assigning schema
  • Schema Inference using reflection
  • Explicitly creating schema using StructType and StructFields
Chapter 6: SparkSQL abstractions & Other Objects
  • About SparkSession.
  • Submitting Spark applications
  • SparkConf object
  • Providing custom rules and optimization technique
  • SparkSQL Row (Catalyst Row) object
  • Resilient Distributed Dataset
  • DataFrame
  • Dataset
  • DataFrame to Dataset conversion
  • Dataset and Type-safety
  • Dataset and Catalyst optimizer
  • Dataset and compile time type safety
  • Working with Dataset
  • Transient
  • Spark Case classes
  • Dataset vs RDD operations
  • Converting an RDD to Dataset
  • Local Datasets
  • Dataset and Project Tungsten
  • Dataset and Encoder
Chapter 7: DataFrameReader and DataFrameWriter
  • Assigning Schema, while reading the Data
  • Handling corrupted records in csv/json file
  • Reading a text file as whole
  • Setting time Zone for the data
  • Reading Data from JDBC data source
  • Filtering Data at source only
  • Reading SparkSQL table as DataFrame
  • DataFrameWriter
  • Partitioning and bucketing
  • Bucketing
  • Data Compressions
  • Columns in Dataset
Chapter 8: SparkSQL and Hive Support
  • Spark SQL and Hive Query Support
  • Hive Metastore
  • Hive Support in SparkSQL
  • Hive Query support using SparkSQL
Chapter 9: SparkSQL and JSON
  • Read JSON data in Spark
  • Example of loading multiple JSON files
  • Explicitly assigning schema to loaded JSON Data
  • Loading JSON data and use SQL query
  • Infer the schema from Data
  • SparkSQL using JSON data full example
Chapter 10: SparkSQL and Encoders
  • Implicit Objects
  • Encoders (Serialization and De-serialization)
  • Creating Encoders
  • Hands on Exercise for SparkSQL Encoders
Chapter 11: Caching and Check-pointing
  • Dataset and Caching
  • SparkSQL and Caching
  • Check-pointing in SparkSQL
  • Types of Checkpoints
  • Caching (disk only) v/s check-pointing
  • Performance Improvements
  • Other important points about checkpointing
Chapter-12: Dataset and Joins
  • Joins Introduction
  • Broadcast Join
  • SparkSQL and Hint
Chapter-13: RelationalGroupedDataset
  • RelationalGroupedDataset
  • Multi Dimension aggregations
  • Dataset Aggregation API
  • Hands on Exercises for Multi-Dimensional Operator
Chapter-14: SparkSQL Functions
  • Spark SQL Functions
  • Standard or User Defined Functions
  • UDF: User Defined Functions
  • Exercise for User Defined Function and User Defined Aggregate Functions
  • Aggregate functions
  • Collection functions
  • About explode function
  • Date and Time Functions
  • Window Aggregate Functions
  • Non-aggregate functions
  • Sorting functions
  • String functions
  • More Window Functions Example
  • Examples of rank and dense_rank functions (Window function)
  • NTILE (Window) function
  • Cumulative Distribution
Chapter-15: Dataset Actions and Transformations.
  • Dataset Partitioning
  • About coalesce operator of Dataset
  • Dataset typed transformations
  • Actions on the Dataset
Chapter-16: Spark Certifications
  • Databricks Certifications
  • How to prepare for Databricks Spark Certifications
  • Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Developer Certifications
  • Hortonworks Spark Certification preparation material
  • MapR Spark Spark Certifications

Note : You can choose more than one product to have custome package created from below and send email to hadoopexam@gmail.com to get discount

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