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Question-13: You are working with a retail company as BigData expert, name of the company is BigRetail Inc. which has more than 3000 stores in the country. As so many stores and under the store there are around 30 sub-stores are created. Being an Big Data architect you decided to use the IOT solutions for all the stores like 3000X30=90,000 with each one having almost 5 IOT devices. You are using this IOT devices for the monitoring of theft, improving overall performance for fetching continuous data from the IOT device as well as increasing the cross sell be recommending the products to customer and taking feedback from the customer to increase their buying experience. You would be implementing this solution using the AWS IOT Core, as part of supporting so many IOT devices you need to follow the standard approach for provisioning and registering the IOT devices. Select the correct answer for provisioning the IOT devices and setting it up, assuming all the IOT devices already having X.509 certificates

  1. You would be registering X.509 certificate with AWS IOT
  2. You would be creating an IOT policy for the IOT device operations and attach it to the existing X.509 certificate
  3. You would be creating an IOT policy for the IOT device operations and attach it to IOT thing
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  5. You would be defining an IOT Rule

Answer: A, B, D

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  • 90,000X5 IOT devices needs to be setup across all the store.
  • IOT devices already having the certificate

Based on our knowledge When you provision a device with AWS IoT, you must create resources so your devices and AWS IoT can communicate securely. Other resources can be created to help you manage your device fleet. The following resources can be created during the provisioning process:

  • An IoT thing: IoT things are entries in the AWS IoT device registry. Each thing has a unique name and set of attributes, and is associated with a physical device. Things can be defined using a thing type or grouped into thing groups.
  • An X.509 certificate: Devices use X.509 certificates to perform mutual authentication with AWS IoT. You can register an existing certificate or have AWS IoT generate and register a new certificate for you. You associate a certificate with a device by attaching it to the thing that represents the device.
  • An IoT policy: IoT policies define the operations a device can perform in AWS IoT. IoT policies are attached to device certificates. When a device presents the certificate to AWS IoT, it is granted the permissions specified in the policy.
  • Device shadow: Device's shadow is a JSON document that is used to store and retrieve current state information for a device. The Device Shadow service maintains a shadow for each device you connect to AWS IoT. You can use the shadow to get and set the state of a device over MQTT or HTTP, regardless of whether the device is connected to the Internet.