Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

Currently I am working as a Linux administrator and want to enhance my skill sets. This is a good question and most of the Linux administrator got confused for for enhancing their skill set and which path they should select. Now it depends more about your interest. If we  compare both Cassandra and Hadoop , then Hadoop has much wider domain to cover then Cassandra database. From the Hadoop world you can say that Cassandra and HBase are equivalent. As you can see Cassandra is very specific no sequel database, but Hadoop world is much more like HDFS, Hive, HBase, MapReduce, OOzie etc. But Hadoop is not a database rather combination of storage layer as well as computation engine. And there are various other Framework has been developed directly on the the Hadoop storage layer like Hive, and many more and one of the no SQL solutions developed over the Hadoop Framework is HBase. So to become an Hadoop Administrator required much more framework to be learned. But there are advantage of this as well because becoming an Hadoop administrator is a very great skill. Nobody can easily acquire that skills. There are three most popular vendor for Hadoop solutions which are Hortonworks,Cloudear and MapR. However Hortonworks and Cloudera got merged. But still their products are separate. To become Hadoop administrator you need to follow either Hortonworks administration or cloudera Hadoop administrator or MapR Hadoop administrator.

Each vendor provides certification for becoming Hadoop administrator. And to prepare for the Hadoop administration best place to get the material is Click the below link to get the access for the Hadoop administration certification material.

  1. Certification preparation material for hortonworks Hadoop administrator certification (HDPCA)
  2. Certification preparation material for cloudera Hadoop administrator (CCA131)
  3. MapR certified Hadoop administrator provides materials like training for Hadoop administrator and question and answers in the problem and solution format which can be executed on the the other existing Hadoop cluster. You can create a new Hadoop cluster for the preparation and for that entire guideline would be provided to you. We have seen some of the material on the YouTube but the best you can find We also provide explanation of the problem and solution in the video format as well for the selected problem statements. Which makes life even more simpler.

Now the next point is you should consider Cassandra administrator certification or not. If you are already for Linux administrator then to understand the things for becoming Cassandra administrator is not even that difficult. Because you understand the concept of cluster nodes, data centers, snitch, various commands to optimize Linux operating systems. One of the most other thing which may come in between to become a Cassandra Administrator is that you also need to learn the data modelling parts. Which is quite different from regular RDBMS data modelling. Then how the underlying storage engine works for read and write the data. Hence, basically there is quite less learning is required compared to to becoming Hadoop administrator. But as you know if things are easy to learn then there are more resources available in the market and if things is tough to learn then there is always dearth lack of resources and even finding good resource is also difficult. Hence, it's up to your choice which part you want to follow. Also there are certifications available for becoming Cassandra administrator professional. Which is conducted by the Datastax. And you need material for preparing Apache Casandra administration certification below is one of the most popular and used by the learner from to become certified professional.