Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

Ok, first of let me tell you that Datastax Cassandra is one of the most used NoSQL database in the industry. And that is really growing fast enough. 
And if you have chosen the track for becoming Administrator for Cassandra, that is not at all wrong decision.
However, we also recommend that you should have good understanding of Linux OS to become a certified Apache Cassandra Administrator. Because you need to optimize the OS (Operating System) as well while configuring the Cassnadra cluster.
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Until you reach the exam center, you can keep practicing using this material. Nice collection of the question and answers as well as answers are explained in meaningful way. Most of the dumps we found comes with the wrong answers and it make sure, you get failed and re-appear in the exam and spend more money, here and there. But the material provided by the HadoopExam.com are almost perfect. And even you feel that answer is wrong (which is almost not possible) you can send an email to them for finding the correct answer. However, response are delayed but it may get corrected. It is recommended that before sending an email, please read the explanation given in the question and answer.
That is way by using HadoopExam.com Cassandra administration certification material, You would be able to answer more than 90% questions correctly. And finally you would become the Cassandra certified professional. Even if you would be able to switch the role in your current organization after completing this certification. Hence, it is really recommended material provided by HadoopExam.com for preparing Cassandra Administration certification