Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

It's good you have considered for becoming a certified professional for Apache Cassandra Administrator and you found this blog post. Apache Cassandra is one of the well known NoSQL database in the industry currently. And not only social networking company but big investment banks and retail giant also started using NoSQL Cassandra database in production. So this is really worth to go for the certification for Apache Cassandra database administration. Whether you are going for developer certification or administration certification both are having quite a good amount of demand in the market. Because this is being used in the production.

Certification is one of the best available options to justify your skill sets. And doing the certifications on the brands who is heavily supporting the Cassandra database that is Datastax Inc, which has its own enterprise version of Apache Cassandra database with few optimization and additional features. However, in the certification exam they would be asking only Apache Cassandra concepts and not enterprise features. So you should certainly go for Apache Cassandra certification conducted by Datastax. Reason beings this is the company who had deployed the Cassandra database in production for many of the big investment banks as well as in retail giant company. Anyway you can learn from various other places for this technology but why not go for the brands who is deploying this software in the production environment. Currently there are two certification options are available for Apache Cassandra as below.

  1. Cassandra administration certification by Datastax
  2. Cassandra developer certifications by Datastax.

As Datastax is conducting this exam, you should look for good practice material as well as preparation material for both of the certification exams. And there is one highly recommended preparation materials which is provided by the In this you would get online certification preparation material with the practice questions and answers. For each question they have full explanation wherever required. Which justify the correctness of the answers and also discusses the concepts in detail . We have seen there are various vendors who claim they have dumps for this certification. Which is absolutely wrong, because there is no possibility of getting such dumps. If by chance they get it (by stealing questions and answers) their answers most of the time are wrong or incomplete (in case of multi-answer, they randomly give wrong option in answers). And which can lead to fail are you in real exam and you can loss your $400 as well as the amount you spend for getting dumps (HadoopExam receive many such email). And overall loss of the time as well. So it is always better follow the correct and absolute perfect route, if you really want to grow in your career. Which can help you to learn the technology on which you are going to work upon in future. And for that all the material from the below sections is the good one and well prepared. Click the respective certification link and subscribe it and start preparing for the certification.