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While appearing for Cassandra administration certification you should be aware with the Linux fundamentals as well. The main purpose of the Cassandra administrator is to setup the Cassandra cluster and on day to day basis it should be optimized regularly to improve the performance or maintaining the consistency even Data Volume increases or number of query on the stored data increases. And LINUX is the place where the Cassandra nodes are installed. And you should be able to optimize that OS as well for the Cassandra database.
Next thing you should know is all the components off the Cassandra database for example nodes, rings, snitch, nodetool etc. Another topic you should know is architecture of the Cassandra and how to configure various nodes in the Cassandra cluster like one of the properties you should know from the Cassandra.yaml file. Another important things you should know is Cassandra data modelling which is quite different from regular RDBMS strategy. Then you should be aware how to remove the nodes how to add new nodes to the cluster.

So there are so many such things which is very difficult to define in a a small blog. and while preparing for this kind of certification you have to be disciplined and complete it on timely manner. For that we would recommend you follow the proper practice material for clearing the exam on time and as well as save the cost which would be incurred by the registering the Cassandra administrator certification. In my view Cassandra administration certification preparation material provided by the HadoopExam.com is one of the best available material in the available. The good thing is that in this material they are providing questions which is is almost covering the entire syllabus of the Cassandra administration certification and each questions comes with full explanation to justify the answer of the question. Previously Hadoopexam.com material was install-able applications but now recently they have changed and they are providing online version of the exam preparation material which is very convenient then previously available material. Because using this you can prepare anytime anywhere on mobile as well. So while preparing for the exam you can use their material until you want for appearing in the real exam. Really good material and if you seriously study these material I can say you will score more than 90% correct questions in real exam. And also I see they are regularly updating their materials by adding new questions and removing the old question. So you would always get updated material if your subscription is active. 
Another thing which I have observed that recently they have launched Cassandra administration interview questions audio-book which you can use anytime anywhere like while driving the car or while travelling in the train and continuously listen them to always updated with the Cassandra. So all the best for your Cassandra certification and after completing the certification I am sure your administration knowledge for the Cassandra database certainly on higher level. Please find all the links for the relevant material below.

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Also , if you want to check the sample questions and answers. Then please use the below link.
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Please note that most of the places you would get certification preparation dumps which are with the wrong questions and answers and it can lead to failure in real exam. We have already gone through all the questions and answers from the HadoopExam.com and don’t find that questions with the wrong answers. As well as the quality of the questions and answers with explanation is superb. Which really justify the answers of the questions. Hence I would suggest you go with this material for preparing the Cassandra certification.