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Frequently Asked Questions for Cloudera CDP-2001 Certification

Answer: This badge indicates the certificant has passed the CDP Administrator - Private Cloud Base exam. This exam test the critical Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) skills and knowledge required to succeed as an administrator. Skills and knowledge that must be demonstrated include:
  • Installation & Initial Configuration
  • Connecting & Managing Data Sources
  • Managing Users
  • Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Managing Data Security & Governance.

Answer: You can check here for sample certificate issued and publicly viewable
Answer: Full name of this certification exam is “CDP Administrator: Private Cloud Base” and Exam code is “CDP-2001”.
Answer: There would be in total 70 Number of Questions.
Answer: Real exam would have 90 minutes duration.
Answer: No, this is a pass-fail exam. We do not publish exam pass scores. Candidates should not be trying to achieve any particular score. Rather they should be aiming for the highest score possible.
Answer: No, in previous exam Cloudera was allowing to use reference material. However, for this particular exam this is no more allowed.
Answer: Yes, this is the most important thing to prepare for the real exam. Which is as below
•    INSTALL & INITIAL CONFIGURATION - 25% (18 Questions)
•    CONNECT AND MANAGE DATA SOURCES - 14% (10 Questions)
•    MANAGE USERS- 7% (5 Questions)
•    MONITOR AND TROUBLESHOOT- 38% (26 Questions)
Answer: Only can help you to prepare for this certification exam in right manner.
Question: I heard there are two CDP platform for Private Cloud, what are those and what is the difference?
Answer: Yes, you are right there are two CDP platform for private cloud which are as below
  • Cloudera Data Platform: Private Cloud Base
  • Cloudera Data Platform: Private Cloud Plus
Answer: This is very similar to what you have been seeing from last many years like CDH and HDP. This is designed to run on self-contained clusters deployed on bare metal and does not use the cloud native containerized approach upon which the self-service experiences are built. 
Answer:This is Private Cloud Base + Integrated with other services and provide services like Data lakes and provide data storage and SDX services.  

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