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All Certifications preparation material is for renowned vendors like Cloudera, MapR, EMC, Databricks,SAS, Datastax, Oracle, NetApp etc , which has more value, reliability and consideration in industry other than any training institutional certifications.
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1. What is a web/online version of Exam Simulator?
Ans: Web/Online version of certification simulator is available online, and you can access it from anywhere e.g. on your computer, tabs, mobile etc.

2. Online/Web exam simulator can have videos?
Ans: Yes, it is possible. If we have question explanation in video or document format then you can also have access for it. However, it may not be available for every exam.

Is there any short video which explain online exam simulator?
Ans : Yes, please check below video, to understand more.

Why do I need to login even for checking sample paper?
Ans: However, Sample paper is open for public (Anybody can access it). Still you need to login using your Google account to view the sample paper.
5.       What is the link for sample paper?
Ans: Please click here to check the sample paper.
6.       What is the different between Desktop/Web versions of exam simulator?
Ans : Online version can be accessed using the browser and it is available for the Desktop, Mobile, Tablets, iPhone etc. But Desktop simulator would work only on the computers on which it is activated.
7.       I don’t see all the certification exam available in online/web simulator?
Ans: Yes, only selected exam would be available as online/web simulator.
8.       How long online/web exam simulator I can access, once I get the paid subscription?
Ans: You would be having time limited access for online/web version of the exam. Your start date and end date for the access would be provided. You can check specific exam for how long subscription would be active, once you subscribe it.
9.       Till when I get free updates for the online simulator exam?
Ans : Until your subscription is active. After expiry, you need to re-new your subscription.
10.   Can I access the online from more than once machine?
Ans: Yes, you can. Even, you can access it from your office, on your mobile etc. However, we track it to find if anybody abusing it. If it was found, your access would be blocked as well as further purches would also be blocked.
11.   Web version of exam simulator require internet connection, while using it?
Ans: Yes, it require internet while accessing the exam material.
12.   What is recommended device for accessing web version of exam simulator?
Ans: You can access web version of exam simulator from any internet enabled device, with the browser support in it. However, it is highly recommended that you use Desktop or Laptop. Because sometime questions and answers are lengthy and difficult to read. Even mobiles are not good for your eyes as well, for continuous reading. Hence, recommended device would be Desktop or Laptop.
13.   To use web version exam simulator on mobile, do we need to install any mobile application?
Ans: No, you just need browser support in your mobile. Which is always there.
14.   I am unable to make the payment, what should I do?
Ans: You can connect with us using either of the below detail.
Mobile: +91-8879712614 Phone:022-42669636
Email : hadoopexam@gmail.com admin@hadoopexam.com
15.    Why should i consider HadoopExam Question Banks rather than other?
Ans :Contains maximum number of realistic practice questions almost more than any other. 16. Do you give assurance on exam clearance?
Ans: If you take each and every question seriously, you will definitely clear the exam. Already proved by 20,000+ Hadoop and various other Certified Professional
17.    What is the Money Refund Policy?
Ans: Because it is being a digital Content we dont have Money Refund policy in any circumstances if activation keys or online access already provided. Or training access is given.
18.    How do we create or collect the questions and other material?
Ans: We have multistep process to create and collect the questions/material, in our exam simulator as below. 
1.       Technical team look into the certification syllabus and based on that they create  all the practice questions as well as revision notes.
2.       We also asks our learner /customer/aspirants who are going to / or gone through the real exam and create new sample questions which we can add in our Question Bank.and any section we particularly are not covering(Based on discount rewards scheme if it is open). And they provide us the questions/concepts/sections/reference etc.
 19.    How do you make sure that HadoopExam not using copyright material?
Ans: Whatever questions/material are created by our technical team are our own creations and we have copyright on this as well. However, sometime sample practice questions are shared by our learner /customer/aspirants (Based on discount rewards scheme if it is open/ or they are happy to help us). We asks them not to provide copyright material (strictly), and we also try to make sure this is not a copyright material. However, we don’t have control on this because we don’t have access to all the material to verify whether it is copyright content or not. We try to put our best effort to find this if we have access to the material.
20.    Can we claim some part of your material is a copyright content, then what action do you take in this case?
Ans: At the first place we try to verify as much as possible whether material provided by our learner /customer/aspirants is not copyright material. If unknowingly we have used any copyright content then we definitely take immediate action to remove from our material, If you found such case please drop an email immediately to admin@hadoopexam.com with the complete proof. We will immediately start the process to verify the same.
21.    Whom should we report in case we found copyright issue like somebody using HadoopExam material as well as in HadoopExam you have unknowingly added some copyright material?
Ans: We request you please bring in notice of HadoopExam.com immediately by sending an email to admin@hadoopexam.com , we will start immediate action on this.
22.    There are some vendors also provide the sample practice questions, what do you suggest in such case, we should also buy the vendor practice questions for the real exam?
Ans: In this case we dont have any recommendation, it is all individual choice.  We can not comment material other than HadoopExam created material.

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2. Cloudera® is a registered trademark of Cloudera Inc
3. Azure® is aregistered trademark of Microsoft Inc.
4. Oracle®, Java® are registered trademark of Oracle Inc
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