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Syllabus and FAQ

Answer:No. Test-takers will not be allowed any resources while taking this exam.

Answer:The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. There are four main categories:
  • Machine Learning Basics (17%)
  • Machine Learning Lifecycle (42%)
  • Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques (33%)
  • Machine Learning Model Management with MLflow (8%)
Answer: No. Test-takers will be assessed on their understanding of the basics of machine learning and data science, how to complete each stage of the machine learning lifecycle, how various machine learning algorithms and techniques are implemented, and how to manage machine learning models with MLflow.
No. Test-takers will not be assessed on any programming tasks. The exam assesses an in-depth conceptual understanding of data science and machine learning.
Answer: No. Test-takers will not be assessed on any programming tasks. The exam assesses an in-depth conceptual understanding of data science and machine learning. A conceptual understanding of the MLflow product will be assessed.: 
Answer: This exam does not have a programming component so there are no associated programming languages.
Answer: The minimally qualified candidate should have a complete understanding of the basics of machine learning, including the bias-variance tradeoff, in-sample vs. out-of sample data, categories of machine learning, and applied statistics concepts; an intermediate understanding of the steps in the machine learning lifecycle, including data preparation, feature engineering, model training, selection, and production, and interpreting models; a complete understanding of basic machine learning algorithms and techniques, including linear, logistic, and regularized regression, tree-based models like decision trees, random forest and gradient boosted trees, unsupervised techniques like K-means and PCA, and specific algorithms like ALS for recommendation and isolation forests for outlier detection; and a complete understanding of the basics of machine learning model management like logging and model organization with MLflow.
Answer: No, there are no hands-on questions for these certifications. But don’t take multiple choice questions lightly. Similar, questions you would find in practice questions. Provided by on this page.
Answer: There would be in total 60 questions given which would be MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). You would be given 120 minutes to solve the same.
Answer: You need to score 70% which is equivalent to the 42 questions. So, each question has equal weightage.
Answer: No, this is not an open book exam.
Answer: No
Answer: Your exam would be graded immediately and receive a score report immediately. And within a week you would be receiving your certificate in digital format.
Answer: As of now this exam is available only in English language.
Answer: No
Answer: This exam is having $300 + taxes (if applicable). For each exam retake you have to pay the same fee.
Answer: No, Databricks does not provide any specific detail about the questions you answered. Like which one was correct and which one are wrong. Use material provided by for scoring highest score.
Answer: Now world is changing towards maximum online. Mostly learnt things from COVID-19 pandemic. And Databricks is also conducting this exam completely online and you don’t have to go any test center for this exam.
Answer: No, Databricks does not send the Hard Copy of the certificate. You need to download and if required you can print the same.
Answer: No, you need to complete all 60 Questions in 120 minutes. HadoopExam recommends that you spend less amount of time on Architecture section as there you don’t have to solve the problem and just your concepts would be tested. So, all architecture based 16/17 questions should not take more than 15 minutes. But DataFrame API based questions are complex and matter a lot for passing your exam. And you need to spend more time on that.
Answer: No.
Answer: No.
Answer: Keep checking this page. HadoopExam technical team is writing the book and that would be helpful for this certification. Please keep monitoring this link for the same.
Answer: No, as of now does not provide any voucher for this certification exam.
Answer: No, that is the good thing about this certification exam.
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Answer: Yes, you can check below material for preparing for the interview questions and answers.

Interview Preparation
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