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  • Organization Team Building: Many of the organizations/companies/startups are looking for building a team on a particular skill sets. Hence, to nurture your team members, we are providing instructor-led courses on trending technologies e.g. BigData, IOT, DevOPs, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Python, R, Scala, Spark and many more. Please post your requirement or send an email to us.  We will certainly help you to get instructor for your team building. 
  • Certified team member to acquire client project:  Many IT consultancy and startup firms are building a team for trending technologies, to acquire more clients they are creating certified teams , with specific technologies e.g. Cloudera® CDH,  IOT, Hortonworks® HDP, Apache Spark, Cassandra, HBase, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud certified resources and Data Scientists.  It is always been an USP for an IT service firm to bid a project based on certified resources. If you are really looking to bid a good project from client, by providing technology certified team will certainly helpful..
  • Training Institutions : If you are an institute and already providing trainings on technologies and looking for resources to certifiy your learners. We can help you to get certification preparation kit e.g. Cloudera® , Hortonworks®, AWS®, Oracle®  and many more. Please browse http:://www.HadoopExam.com for  all the available products.  We also provide hadoopexam proprietary simulator software to create your own certification material, same we are using for our learners.  In following ways we can help an institute.
          • Access to Certification Simulator: You can get certification preparation for your learners. 
          • Access to recorded trainings : You can get recorded training access for your learners.
  • Getting Certified Resources :  If you are looking for already certified resources in a particular technology, than HadoopExam will help you to get the certified resources. We already have very good network of resources who are already certified and looking for better opportunities. By getting certified resources , your half work is already done, as you are getting a resource which had proven their skills. 

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