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Performance of the environment

Answer: Cluster provided in the cloud may not be performant but good enough for solving the given tasks. Hence, you have to be very careful when you submit any tasks and your solution must not involve the shuffle phase with huge volume of data. Because most of our learners have given the feedback that the cluster provided during the exam is very slow. However, since then it is improved and recently candidates are not facing this issue. There are occurrences where learners face the session disconnected issues during the exam, you may also be ready for such issues and it can be because of

  1. Your internet connection is not good
  2. Proctor internet connection is not good
  3. Cloud environment may not be reachable

Once your session got disconnected and connected back then you need to inform the proctor and he/she may deduct this time from your overall time. It all depend on the proctor discretion. If you belong to a country where internet connection reliability is challenging then make sure during your exam it does not happen.