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Apache NiFi (Hortonworks DataFlow) Hands on TrainingAs you know, NiFi recently become very popular to solve BigData, IOT (Internet of Things) , IOAT (Internet of Anything’s) etc.  Having an exclusive skill will certainly give you edge with already lack of BigData resources. To help you HadoopExam.com brings full length Hands on training as well as to understand fundamental concepts of NiFi. We provide many Hands On session for creating simple to complex workflow/dataflow to process the data. As this is a continuously growing and fast paced technology. This technology not only helps in working BigData but also, wherever you need complex and simple DataFlow engine you can use this. NiFi can be integrated with existing technology e.g. Spark, HBase, Cassandra, RDBMS, HDFS and can even be customized as per your requirement. So start learning NiFi with HadoopExam.com premium trainings by getting subscription as below.

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Syllabus Covered

Demo Video Session

Module-1: NiFi and Dataflow Intro
 ( PDF Download) (Available Length 16 Minutes)
Module-2: NiFi and Doubts about it  (PDF Download) (Available Length 14 Minutes)
Module-3 : Single Node NiFi Installation  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 5 Minutes)

Module-4 : NIFI Features (PDF Download) (Available Length 12 Minutes) Module-5 : NIFI Architecture  (PDF Download) (Available Length 15 Minutes) Module-6 : NIFI UI   (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 10 Minutes) Module-7 : Build a Sample Flow  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 19 Minutes)

Module-8 : NiFi Process Configuration  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 22 Minutes) Module-9 : NiFi Connection Configuration  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 17 Minutes)
Module-10 NiFi create Complex and Bigger Workflow  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 26 Minutes) Module-11 Using Expression Language Change Date Format in Data  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 14 Minutes)

Module-12 NiFi Process Group
 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 13 Minutes) Module-13 : NiFi Templates  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 6 Minutes) Module-14 :  NiFi Funnel and Setting Prorities  (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 19 Minutes)

Module-15 :  NiFi Retry Count and Segregate Valid and Invalid Record
 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 13 Minutes)

Module-16 : Separating Valid and Invalid Data
 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 7 Minutes)

Module-17A : NiFi Controller Service Fundamental Concepts
 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 7 Minutes)

Module-17B : NiFi ControllerService (CSVLookupService)
 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 19 Minutes)

Module-18 : NiFi ReportingTask (Monitoring Disk Usage)
 (Hands-on Lab + PDF Download) (Available Length 19 Minutes)

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Other Premium Trainings Courses :  HadoopExam focuses on in depth learning with the hands-on session setting up the environment than executing solution and doing hands on that. Below are the available trainings and we are keep adding new trainings. These trainings is being used and subscribed by Devloper, Tester, Administrator, Enterprise(to train their team) and Trainer globally. These trainings are well organized and step by step solutions to learning, and in lesser time as per your convenience you can complete these and even re-visit as required.

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Note : You can choose more than one product to have custome package created from below and send email to hadoopexam@gmail.com to get discount

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