I don’t know both Scala and Python then which programming language you would recommend?

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Answer: It is very tricky question to answer. We recommend learn both the programming language. These are beautiful language to work upon. But based on the following career path you can choose respective programming language.


-          Java programmer should go for this

-          If you want to become Data Engineer than go for this

-          If you want to work on Data Cleaning and collecting Data than go for this.

-          If you already know Java/Scala than go for this


-          If you know Python than go for PySpark.

-          If you are on Business Analytics profile go for PySpark

-          I want to become Data Scientist, you can use either PySpark or Scala Spark

It should not be considered based on the fact that Spark is written in Scala, so I should give preference to Spark Scala. Not at all true after Spark 2.x version.