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FAQ Cum Terms & Conditions

1. What is Question Bank (Simulator) ?

Ans :  Its a locked Question bank, specific to a computer/machine.  We use term Question Bank or Simulator interchangeably.

2. How to activate Exam Question Bank?

Ans : To understnad the activation of  Trial Version of Exam Question Bank ( Simulator) please follow the below link.


3. Do i own the Question Bank forever once i buy ?

Ans : Once you buy the Question Bank you own it forever there is no time constraint, However, whatever update we do for Question Bank for specific exam, it will be available free for update without any additional charge.  Also note that Question Bank activation key is machine specific (One purchase will be activated only on one machine and can not be changed in future) and the same key would not work on other machine.

4. If i want to activate certification Question Bank on more than one machine/computer like in office as well as home ?

Ans : Question Bank are machine specific and one activation key work only on one machine. So we suggest you choose the machine carefully before activating the Question Bank.

If you still want to activate Question Bank on more than one machine then, the fee would be 80% for each subsequent machine (e.g actual cost is 2900INR/$69 then fee for 2nd machine would be 2320INR/$55)

5. Till when i can get free updates on Question Bank ?

Ans : Once you buy any certification Question Bank same version of the exam updates (e.g. additional questions or revision notes update ) can be updated anytime , without any additional charge for same machine. For example we have CCA-500 with 150 questions and later 30 more questions are added, then you can request the updated version of Question Bank (Same Product code) by droping an email to hadoopexam@gmail.com with your subscription detail . It is suggested , use same email chain.

6. What happen if format my machine?

Ans :  If you format your machine, your old key will work. 

7. Till when i can request for Activation keys, in case of my machine format?

Ans : If you are using same machine, then your old activation key will work. If you have any issue then please drop an email to hadoopexam@gmail.com

8. Can i upgrade CCD-410 to CCD-500/CCA175 or any new version of exam for free ?

Ans : No, Upgrading to different exam version is not free. This will cost the full fee.

9. I am unable to pay using PayPal account, what should i do ?

Ans : If you are an indian customer then you would not be able to pay using the credit card issued by Indian Bank, because as per the Government Rule PayPal restrict to use Indian Credit Card to Trasfer Money to Indian Merchant.

In such case you have to either use credit card issued by other than Indian Bank, or you can use online Bank transfer in Indian Rupee. We have also added one more option using PayuMoney you can buy immediately if you are Indiian Customer.

10. On how many machines i can activate Question Bank ?

Ans : Only one, once activation key is released, In future it can not be changed. We re-issue the activation key again only if machine is same. In any circumstances we would not give activation key for another machine. 

11. My machine is no more working where i have previously activated the Question Bank, what i can do ?

Ans : In this case you have to buy new Question Bank  activation key by paying 80% fee of actual cost (e.g actual cost is 2900INR/$69 then fee for 2nd machine would be 2320INR/$55).

12. On which platform this Question Bank works ?

Ans : Windows only . However, if you are using other than windows then you can use Wine Bottler to run exe on non-windows machine. Please use trial version Question Bank  first , if trial version works than full version will also work.

13. Why should i consider HadoopExam Question Banks rather than other ?

Ans :

14. Do you give assurence on exam clearence ?

Ans: If you take each and every question seriously, you will definitely clear the exam. Already proved by 8000+ Hadoop and various other Certified Professional

15. What is the Money Refund Policy?

Ans : Because it is being a digital Content we dont have Money Refund policy in any circumstances if activation keys are already issued. Or training access is given.

16. How do we create or collect the questions and other material?
Ans : We have multistep process to create and collect the questions/material, in our exam simulator as below.
1. Technical team look into the certification syllabus and based on that they create  all the practice questions as well as revision notes.
2. We also asks our learner /customer/aspirants who are going to / or gone through the real exam and create new sample questions which we can add in our Question Bank.and any section we particularly are not covering(Based on discount rewards scheme if it is open). And they provide us the questions/concepts/sections/reference etc.

17. How do you make sure that HadoopExam not using copyright material?
Ans: Whatever questions/material are created by our technical team are our own creations and we have copyright on this as well. However, sometime sample practice questions are shared by our learner /customer/aspirants (Based on discount rewards scheme if it is open/ or they are happy to help us). We asks them not to provide copyright material(strictly), and we also try to make sure this is not  a copyright material. However, we dont have control on this because we dont have access to all the material to verify whether it is copyright content or not. We try to put our best effort to find this if we have access to the material.

18. Can we claim some part of your material is a copyright content, then what action do you take in this case?
Ans: At the first place we try to verify as much as possible whether material provided by our learner /customer/aspirants is not copyright material. If unknowingly we have used any copyright content then we definitely take immediate action to remove from our material, If you found such case please drop an email immediately to admin@hadoopexam.com with the complete proof. We will immediately start the process to verify the same.

19. Whom should we report in case we found copyright issue like somebody using HadoopExam material as well as in HadoopExam you have unknowingly added some copyright material?
Ans: We request you please bring in notice of HadoopExam.com immediately by sending an email to admin@hadoopexam.com , we will start immediate action on this.

20. There are some vendors also provide the sample practice questions, what do you suggest in such case, we should also buy the vendor practice questions for the real exam?
Ans: In this case we dont have any recommendation, it is all individual choice.  We can not comment material other than HadoopExam created material.

21. I am unable to load trial version on my machine, what should i do?

Ans : Till now we had not found such problem on any machine. If there is a problem then contact admin@hadoopexam.com

For further query please contact admin@hadoopexam.com or hadoopexam@gmail.com

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