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What is Difficulty level of the real exam?

Answer: From the learners’ feedback we come to know that this exam is not very difficult. Also, the task you would be performing are not administratively complex. If you have been working for 3-4 months on Spark and well-practiced all the assessment or questions then this exam you would feel very simple. Because HadoopExam added few of the hard/complex exercises as well in all these practice questions.

If you have not practiced well then, this certification exam you would feel very difficult and you would not be able to complete the exercise in 2 hrs. If you have practice well then, most likely you would be able to complete real exam within 1 hr 30 mins.

Many of the learners are coming to HadoopExam and told us they have good knowledge of the Spark and few tasks they completed before the real exam, but they are not able to complete the exam on time. Which proves that practice before the real exam is necessary and this is again universal truth for all the exams.