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What is the proctor during real exam?

Answer: During your real exam there is one person who take care your real exam environment preparation as well as keep an eye on you. However, keep in mind that proctor is not only for keeping an eye on you but he or she is there to help you. If you find any issue with the connectivity, accessing material, checking time and any other status about the exam environment.  They all are well trained for all these stuffs and very helpful.

You can start the exam 15 mins earlier than scheduled start time and proctor would ask you to show the desk and your place with the 360-degree using the webcam installed on either laptop or desktop. During the exam hours your desktop remain in sharing mode. It is always recommended you start 15 mins earlier than your scheduled time. You should always have a bigger monitor for your exam and avoid very small laptop screen and recommended size is 1600X900.